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Friday, January 27, 2023


Planned Parenthood opponents are unaware of abortion realities

Planned Parenthood new photo

Some may dislike abortion, but violence is not the proper response. | Justin Cross/The Cougar

Regardless of what your stance might be in the recent controversy involving Planned Parenthood, it is the victim of a heartbreaking tragedy.

Robert L. Dear opened fire in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., killing a police officer, a veteran, a wife of another veteran and wounding nine others.

Unfortunately, this tragedy did not arise from only violence and rhetoric. In fact, it stems from something much greater: ignorance.

That is why Planned Parenthood kept thriving, even as a victim, for quite some time.

According to the National Abortion Foundation, since 1977, there have been eight murders, 17 attempted murders, 42 bombings, 186 acts of arson and thousands of other incidents, including vandalism in or against abortion clinics.

Despite these threats and hardships, Planned Parenthood survived. Such circumstances could only lead one to wonder: How do those who need Planned Parenthood’s services feel about their personal safety?

“It is absolutely horrific to see people exercise their constitutional rights only to face gun violence,” political science lecturer Jaye Ramsey Sutter said.

A majority of Republican nominees might argue that supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting abortion. However, due to the Hyde Amendment, federal funding cannot legally be used for abortion. Instead, the federal money goes towards services such as STD testing and teen pregnancy prevention.

That means cutting funding could only hinder the performance of the organization.

Some say federal funding might free up the privately acquired funds for abortion. But if one focuses too harshly on a single aspect, even if it is true, they ignore the benefits that comes out of such an entity. That ultimately hurts those in need.

According to the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, at least 100,000, and possibly as many as 240,000, Texas women between 18 and 49-years-old have attempted to end a pregnancy on their own without medical assistance.

This could only prove that animosity toward Planned Parenthood is unwarranted, even if one opposes abortion. Thousands of women have and will continue to find other ways to attempt abortions.

Based on the 2013-2014 self-published annual report, abortions account for only three percent of Planned Parenthood services, while 42 percent goes toward STD testing and treatment. In addition, 34 percent are contraception related and 20 percent go toward cancer treatment and other women’s health services.

This shows that 96 percent of Planned Parenthood’s efforts support causes that are encouraged by Democrats and Republicans alike. Whether or not one might have a problem with abortion or even the alleged fact that baby parts are sold for research, it is evident that the vast majority of the work done by Planned Parenthood is noble and even essential for life.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie once said, “If you’re pro-life, you’ve gotta be pro-life for the whole life, not just nine months in the womb.”

Planned Parenthood supports a vast majority, if not all, aspects of life. That is why we must continue to lend our support. No being or creation is perfect, but that does not mean it can be disregarded as something ignoble.

In the end, we must take a moment to learn about something before judging it. As one of my favorite writers, Marjane Satrapi, said: “One must educate oneself.”

Opinion columnist Krishna Narra is a marketing junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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