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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Organization invites students to see life through art

Uncommon Colors hosted a talent showcase where music and art were put on display for UH community to attend. | Photo by Rose Signh/ TheCougar

Uncommon Colors hosted a talent showcase where music and art were put on display for UH community to attend. | Rose Signh/ TheCougar

Uncommon Colors is seeking sculptors, sonneteers, spoken word artists and other creative acts to help realize its vision of providing a platform for creative expression at UH and worldwide.

Marketing and entrepreneurship sophomore Jordyn Chaffold co-founded Uncommon Colors because he felt that artistic culture and creative arts were underrepresented in campus.

“If we look past attitude, race and the way we go about our lives, music and art is one big thing that brings everybody together,” Aarik Charles,  industrial design sophomore and Uncommon Colors’ other co-founder and Vice President, said.

Chaffold said the organization’s namesake derived from the concept of diversity.

“Everybody has something about them that makes them different and makes them stand out,” Chaffold said. “Everyone is their own color.”

Political science junior Chelsea Murray is a leisure canvas painter and an aspiring calligraphy artist. She said she joined Uncommon Colors because she believes in the founders’ vision.

“Jordyn Chaffold and Aarik Charles have created this organization to establish a coalition (of) artists of different backgrounds,” Murray said. “It’s important to connect with others that have diverse talents, networks and ideas. Uncommon Colors is that place where people can express their creativity and meet artists.”

After kicking off in September, Uncommon Colors hosted a talent showcase in early November that had no winners. A variety of performers showcased their art orally and visually at the front of the stage, Chaffold said.

Uncommon Colors has two events slated for the rest of Fall 2015.

“Uncommon Topics,” a discussion-style forum that will allow students and faculty to discuss the question “what is art?” is scheduled for Dec. 7. The organization is also holding a bake sale, “Uncommon Cocoa,”  on Dec. 9.

Chaffold said Uncommon Colors will be more involved on campus in spring 2016.

“We are in the works for a collaboration with Frontier Fiesta in which we’ve been asked to bring a more artistic aesthetic to a long-time country western theme that has been considered by many to be old-fashioned,” Chaffold said. “We also plan to start holding Uncommon Topics on a monthly basis, as well as starting something called Uncommon Jam Sessions, which will also be monthly and might feature a few collaborations with Coog Radio.”

Uncommon Colors welcomes all UH students, Chaffold said.

“Anybody is available to join as long as they see the vision and are willing to put in minimal work to help us see success collaboratively,” Chaffold said.

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