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Thursday, March 30, 2023


Trump campaign’s job posting for student endorsements taken down


Trump Driving Job

The post, which was up since March, asked students to participate in endorsing the campaign by putting stickers on their cars. | Henry Sturm/The Cougar

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign 2016″ was offering UH students a chance to make $350 a week working for the campaign and attempted to recruit students for the part-time job through University Career Services.

“Interested candidates are to go about their normal routine with a sticker of an Advert of Donald Trump for President 2016 on their car,” the job posting said as the condition to receive the weekly allowance.

UCS suspended the post last Friday after the Cougar questioned its legitimacy and UCS was unable to contact the account owner.

“I’ve been trying to contact the account owner for some time to make sure it’s a valid job posting, but was unable to,” said Theresa Cyr, assistant director for employer development and relations at UCS. “I am going to keep trying, though.”

Cyr said that when a company sets up an account, UCS looks at its website, Google results and its profile on

“We also look at the job posting itself,” Cyr said. “I think since this is something so unique, I guess that’s why we went ahead with this one.”

A quick search of other presidential candidates brought up empty results, as did news searches on Trump offering similar jobs to students.

“I wouldn’t do it, personally,”  communications sophomore Tyme Powell said. “I don’t think people’s views should be bought, but college students do anything for money. I think they’re also probably playing on that a little bit.” 

Anthropology junior Shawn Jafri said he would do it for the money, even though, just like Powell, he said he was anti-Trump.

“I don’t think it’s going to get anyone to vote to put a bumper sticker on your car,” Jafri said. “I feel like it’s more of a statement.”

Powell said the offer surprised her, and she imagines Trump has little appeal to millennial voters.

Eighty percent of people between 18 and 34 view Trump negatively. So do his fellow Republicans, who throughout the campaign have been at odds with him, according to the Washington Post.

“He might be the Republican candidate, but he’s definitely not going to make it all the way,” Jafri said. “He’s fracturing the party. I think it’s a great thing.”

Trump’s campaign could not be reached for comment on the job posting.

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