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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Gallery: Black Lives Matter march passes through UH

Citizens gathered at MacGregor Park on Saturday to pay respects to Terrence Crutcher, a man shot to death in Tulsa on Sept 22 and Keith Scott, also shot and killed Sept 20.

After the remembrance, those present took to the streets and marched through the University of Houston’s campus with a hefty police escort followed by several police vans and mounted officers.

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  • Bobocefus Jones

    BLM marched thru UH? And no riots, violence, rapes, or murders?

    Very unusual.

    • overtonejunkie .

      UH’s BLM protests have, as far as I know, gone off very professionally. I have not heard anything bad about their (the UH BLM) protest behavior, other than people complaining that traffic was held up, but there are side roads that are easy enough to take.

      As far as the cops, I was there and I saw at least 20 mounted officers, probably 4 paddy-wagons, and quite a few SUV’s both leading and trailing the protest, shutting down the streets for the protesters, and leading them safely through their protest route. No sirens, so the protesters could still be heard, just presence.

      They were very peaceful and I support that kind of protest.

      • Bobocefus Jones

        Yes, OTJ, I’m glad your protest did not involve any rioting, violence against the Police, rapes or murders.

        Your protest did not meet CNN EXPECTATIONS … of Rioting, Violence against the Police, Rapes or Murders. And I forgot … Violence against the Media (which I partially support as long as they are battered BTW).

        That’s why I said … it was VERY UNUSUAL.

        • overtonejunkie .

          lol MY protest…? I don’t think you understand where I’m coming from.

          I’ll fight for their right to peacefully protest, because when they lose that right, they’ll be coming for my right to protest controversial causes too.

          Also, why the heck did they choose a protest time when a Cougar football game was well underway already?

          • Bobocefus Jones

            And OTJ … I’m glad they did protest peacefully … and please send them a Cougars football schedule.

            BTW … do you Stand for the National Anthem?

          • overtonejunkie .

            Lol. You’re barking up the wrong tree buddy. I stand, take off my hat, put my hand over my heart and sing.

          • Bobocefus Jones

            Good to hear about the National Anthem OTJ … good to hear.

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