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Thursday, September 28, 2023


SPONSORED: The Fact vs. Fiction of spot fat reduction

The theory of spot fat reduction or targeted fat loss generally states that if we exercise a specific muscle or muscle group, then the fat that sits on top of that muscle will melt away or be “used.” We have all heard of the Thigh Master, Shake Weight and pretty much ALL ABDOMINAL PRODUCTS ever made. I’m sure you can name a few more.

Now let’s dig in and see where the evidence takes us. In 1971, Dr. Gwinup and colleagues did a study on elite level tennis players where they compared the dominant and non-dominant arms and found no difference in fat, but rather a difference in muscle mass. If spot reduction theory were true, then the dominant arm would have had less fat because they used it more often when they practiced for multiple hours five days a week.

That was a long time ago! Maybe with advanced technology and new training techniques, it can work.

In 2011, Dr. Vispute and colleagues had participants perform seven abdominal exercises, for two sets of 10 repetitions, five days per week for six weeks (that’s more than 4,000 sit ups). They even controlled their diet! Even though they got stronger there was no significant effect of this abdominal exercise routine on total body weight, fat, circumference, or the skinfold thickness of the abdominals.

These products that target the insecurities of the masses promise hope and show supposed testimonials to validate their claims target millions of people offering a “cure all” for their problems. The idea is to exploit an issue that is common to millions with a product that makes people want to buy it to feel like they fit in. The marketing system is not helpful or ethical, but it does work.

Bottom line, through common sense, critical thinking, and research this myth is FICTION by asking one question. “Can we choose what fuels our bodies utilize and where they come from?” When is the last time you told your bicep to use fat for fuel? Most often the first place that people notice we have lost weight is our faces. How is that possible if spot fat reduction exists? “Oh let me go do some cheek curls and a cheek press after I do some cheek cardio so I can lose fat off of my face … Said no one ever! Why does spot fat reduction exist? 1) Because it sells 2) Because not enough of the general population knows.

Make an educated decision and choose the Certified Personal Trainers at the University of Houston’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center where we can help you lose weight without lying to you.

Fill out a request form at our website and never be duped again.

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