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Sunday, February 25, 2018


Cougar Village II resident threatened with unloaded handgun

A student living at Cougar Village II found himself staring down the barrel of a semi-automatic handgun of another resident 8 p.m. Sunday.

According to UH Police Department, the suspect entered the victim’s dorm room without permission. The suspect was visiting the victim’s suitemates who were in another room in Cougar Village II.

After aiming the gun at the victim, the suspect revealed it to be unloaded before leaving the room to return to the shared suite’s common area.

UHPD said the suspect had no license to carry the weapon. The police department is working to apprehend the suspect on one charge of aggravated assault. 

Until investigators make contact with the suspect, the primary owner and storage location of the handgun are unknown, UHPD said.

According to UHPD’s Campus Carry FAQ, the suspect could likely face further legal penalties for possessing and brandishing the handgun inside the dormitory, which is listed as an exclusion zone.

The original daily crime bulletin’s description of the incident said the roommate of the victim was present during the assault. UHPD, however, said that description “was an error stemming from the fact that the suspect was originally thought to be a resident of the suite.”

UHPD confirmed that the victim and suspect were the only ones present in the room at the time of the incident.

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  • overtonejunkie .

    “UHPD said the suspect had no license to carry the weapon.”

    “the suspect could likely face further legal penalties for possessing and brandishing the handgun inside the dormitory, which is listed as an exclusion zone.”

    Good. UHPD doing its job. Charge that student. Having a gun, loaded or unloaded, without a carry license, and in a prohibited building is a major crime and should be treated as such, and threatening someone with it makes it worse.

    Why does this have a campus carry tag on it? The story plainly says that the person did not a have a license to carry.

    • Jester

      I actually know the student that’s supposedly brandished the weapon. It’s sad how the media can stretch the truth, and how people believe whatever they see. This boy never owned a gun and this entire case was a bunch of he said she said. Now he’s suspended from school he wasn’t able to take his midterms because he was in jail and to top it off he’s become the victim of slander! Did you know that if I call the police and say that you put a gun in my face they can arrest you on $30,000 bond? Imagine being arrested randomly and finding out that your charges are assault with a deadly weapon yet you’ve never even touched a gun. The media left out plenty of facts that would make this story seem like the joke it really is. Did you know that weeks before this the boy had to cut off all his hair and shave his beard because a girl in an elevator sent the police to the boys door stating that he was a threat to the dorm and he bought and sold weapons? Even after the police searched the kids room, car, and person and found no weapons the rumors continued. If anything this poor boy is the victim of profiling and harassment by UHPD. If they were really doing their jobs they would ensure the legitimacy of the case before they arrest an 18 year old under a felony charge. Now this kid has to fight a charge that will ruin his life because of the boy who cried wolf. I hope your child never has to experience this unfair treatment in a country where you are guilty until proven innocent.

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