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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Stick with the Cougars


The Cougars have lost two of the last three games, but Kaitlyn Palividas, second from the left, wants the UH community to continue their support for their team despite the adversity. | Courtesy of Kaitlyn Palividas

Dear Cougar community,

While I am a very opinionated individual, I have been keeping my thoughts about this football program pretty quiet in the last month or so. But, with the team losing twice and the rampant rumors about our head coach leaving, I decided to break my silence. And I will preface this post by stating I am no football expert, just a professional Cougar football fan.

I remember hearing the announcement that we were receiving a new head coach almost two years ago.

His name was Tom Herman and he was coming off a great season as Ohio State’s offensive coordinator. We, as Cougars, were ecstatic. As a sophomore at the time, I knew stories of the Keenum-era, but had just experienced two less-than-stellar seasons as a student. So I, like every other fan, was ready for a change.

I could have never expected the success our team would see over the next season and a half. The way this football program has transformed our campus is remarkable. The pride that now stretches across the university is nothing to be taken for granted. I will never forget the joy I felt in Atlanta at the Peach Bowl game. I will never forget the hype of the OU game. I will never forget any of the other numerous victories by our boys.

Sadly enough, it seems that many of my peers have forgotten our success. It seems that the country has forgotten the odds we overcame, time and time again. A couple of losses and suddenly the nation does not think Houston is a great football program?

Maybe I just don’t understand football.

Now back to Herman. Last time I checked, we were not the Herman Cougars or the Houston Hermans. And, while I want Herman to stay in Houston for years to come to build the program he promised us, let’s not forget that our boys are putting everything on the field each game, not just our coach.

Coaches will come and go, but Cougar Pride should never falter.

So I beg you, as the President of Bleacher Creatures, a senior at this university, a friend and a fellow Cougar, please don’t be a fair weather Cougar fan.

Don’t stop going to games. Don’t stop tailgating. Don’t stop painting up. Don’t forget what it means to be a Cougar.

True we’ll ever be.


Kaitlyn Palividas
Class of 2017

Kaitlyn Palividas is a broadcast journalism senior. To submit a guest column or letter to the editor, email [email protected] 

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