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Friday, February 23, 2018


Gallery: Houstonians protest in local Women’s March

Inspired by the Women’s Marches organized in Washington, D.C. and around the world, more than 20,000 Houstonians took to the streets downtown to protest for women’s rights and, some said, the anti-woman policies of President Donald Trump.

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  • Muhammed Bin Zayed Jones

    My Goodness the Mess the Women and Limp Wristed Men left behind.

    I remember the movie “Fools Rush In” with the quote “There Are Signs Everywhere.”

    Well, in the case of the Women’s Rallies across The Country over the weekend, there are literally Signs Everywhere — Trash.

    And the Consequence of the Feminists and Limp Wristed Men Leaving Signs Everywhere …. Millions and Millions of Dollars of cleanup cost that cities have to endure because some Fem thought it would be cool to leave a sign at a site as a message. I wonder who will have to be laid-off or benefits cut back because of the extra cost caused by the women.

    I’ll say it again, Socialists never think about the Consequences of their Actions. They made their point Saturday. So what? It will soon be forgotten.

    The rhetoric was inflammatory and off-putting, and I think will have the opposite effect than intended. I think that normal women who were leaning Democrat are now leaning Republican. How can women dressing as Women’s Private Parts be classified as Normal?

    Madonna spoke of blowing up the White House, and we can only hope she received a visit from the Secret Service afterwards. Ashley Judd’s Nasty vulgar speech should have made normal peoples skin crawl, because I had to take a shower after it, to get all the Cheeto dust off me.

    The media obviously tried to make this event look like a Normal event … it wasn’t.

    The event was good for the private economy. Someone had to pay for the transportation to events, whether it was the women themselves or George Soros. They had to eat. Soros probably paid for some of that.

    I’m still trying to figure out what the march was about? Does anyone? Do parents, heck, do Mothers want their daughters to be like Ashley Judd or Madonna? This cannot be deemed as normal? No way.

    Like I said, there are Consequences to Actions, and I think the Women’s March just took the Socialists Women Movement two steps back.

    And one last thing … where were all these women … during Hillary’s campaign?

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