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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Man on the street: How do you like to study for finals?

College is a hectic time in general, but no part of the semester is as stressful for students as finals season. Everyone has a different method of surviving these last few weeks of the school year. Some prefer cramming to extended study, and some prefer caffeine-induced insomnia to a healthy sleep schedule.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you study, it won’t be enough. The heartbreak of getting a bad grade is hard to deal with, especially given all the hours wasted trying to learn the material. For many students, a successful study session has as much to do with the environment as the method of study. Some like it perfectly quiet, others prefer it a little bit noisy. Some like it warm and sunny; others want it slightly chilly.

The Cougar interviewed several UH students about how they deal with this frantic time of the year.

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