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Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Q&A: School record-holding golfer on creating a winning culture

Junior Leonie Harm has become one of the must successful performers for the women’s golf team, helping to write the history of the youngest program at the University. | Courtesy of UH Athletics

The women’s golf team is the youngest athletics program at the University, this year being only the team’s fifth season. Junior Leonie Harm has been one of the most successful players for the Cougars, leading them to the postseason in her first two seasons with the team.

The native of Gerlingen, Germany joined the Cougars in the spring of 2016. Last season, she had a strokes average of 72.70, breaking the school record for season average. She also owns the school career strokes average at 73.26 and leads the team with her 72.08 average.

The Cougar spoke to Harm about the current season, her individual performances and the outlook for the program as a whole.

The Cougar: Looking back at the fall season, how would you rate the team’s performance? How do you see the team developing this spring season?

Leonie Harm: So, we really had a good fall. I’m very proud to be part of this team. We did a huge development especially from last season ’cause we didn’t do that great there. This program is very young. So I wanna say it is kind of a little bit inconsistent still because we just don’t have the depth yet. But we’re getting there, we have some really good recruits coming in.

So I’m excited for all the upcoming seasons. I unfortunately only have one more season left but definitely worth watching the program afterwards. And this fall was really good and I feel like we just changed a lot of things in how we prepare, how we practice, mostly how we workout. We got a lot fitter, we go a lot more humble about things. I’m very excited about the events that are coming.

TC: What do you think has sparked the young program into working as hard as it has?

Harm: For me personally, it’s more like we are the ones that are gonna write the legacy for the UH women’s golf team. Like the first people that are coming, we set the bar for whoever comes after us. That’s what keeps me going and makes (me) excited to get new recruits that are really good. Stuff like this, like they notice our program already, in the fifth year of existence, they already notice this is a great program. So that’s something that just keeps me going everyday I would say.

TC: How do you feel right now? You had a great year last year leading the team with your 72.70 average. How are you planning on equaling or even surpassing that mark?

Harm: I definitely did have a great year last year, but the thing about a golf player, they’re never happy with whatever they do. Like there’s always stuff left to get better. Golf is just about the little things. Just maybe playing a bit more aggressive. I used to just kind of get around with whatever. I want to approach a golf course with more aggressiveness rather than just trying to get through it.

TC: How would you describe your style of play as an overall player?

Harm: I just get the ball in the hole, it’s not pretty. I gave up on the prettiness about a year ago, maybe two. I used to be a perfectionist, and I needed everything being perfect. I just took everything I had and just made it work. Like I kind of want to say I don’t hit the ball long, I’m not a great putter, my short game is a little bit above average, nothing is outstandingly great, but I just learned to make it work.

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