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Saturday, August 17, 2019


BREAKING: Former student seeking $1M from fraternity for hazing

Hazing Pi Kappa Alpha

A former student filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, suspended from UH in 2017. Jared Munoz is seeking damages of $1 million from the fraternity and 29 of its former members. | File Photo/The Cougar

A former student is suing a suspended UH fraternity and dozens of its members for hazing he and others endured as a pledge in 2016, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The lawsuit was filed in a Harris County civil court seeking damages of $1 million from the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and 29 members.  The Cougar reported in December that the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was indicted by a Harris County grand jury for Class B misdemeanor charges, carrying a fine of up to $10,000.

The fraternity will appear in court Sept. 27 for the criminal charge, according to the district clerk’s website. The $1 million lawsuit is a separate case.

In an interview with ABC13, the former UH student and fraternity member, Jared Munoz, said he is thankful to be alive. Munoz said he was forced to roll around human feces and drink scalding hot beer as part of his hazing, in addition to undergoing physical abuse that placed him in the intensive care unit for five days.

The charges levied by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office last December describe similar events.

The DA’s office said the pledge was forced to roll around in vomit, spit and feces, along with going without much food, water and sleep during that period.

The University suspended Pi Kappa Alpha in July 2017 for more than six years, according to a statement released then by the University. 

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