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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Bauer College gets a new dean

New business dean Paul A. Pavlou hopes to raise the prominence of the C.T. Bauer college of business. | Photo Courtesy of Media Relations

The faculty at the C.T. Bauer College of Business wrote a letter appealing for the dean’s position to be filled by someone outside the college, detailing a request that the University has now fulfilled. The announcement of new Bauer dean Paul A. Pavlou’s appointment was made on Mar. 19. He will begin in the position on July 1.

Pavlou, who has no previous ties to the Bauer college, has served as Temple University’s senior associate dean for faculty research, doctoral programs and strategic initiatives at the Fox School of Business. He also worked as the co-director of the Data Science Institute and was a Milton F. Stauffer professor of information technology and strategy.

“I am very excited to help elevate the Bauer College of Business to the next level as a premier public urban college of business to benefit all students and alumni, faculty and staff, and the city of Houston and the state of Texas,” Pavlou said.

Goals for the position

Pavlou has three primary goals he wants to achieve in his new position as dean of the Bauer College. One of these aspirations is to raise Bauer to national and global prominence.

The Bauer college currently ranks 53rd in the nation for undergraduate research programs, and 54th in the nation among public business schools for full time MBA programs, according to information published by the US News and World Report and featured on the Bauer College website.

“This will be consistent with the University’s aspirational goals to become a preeminent national research university,” Pavlou said. “Enhancing the impact of research and the quality of teaching and programs would be key priorities by offering appropriate support, resources and incentives to faculty to excel in their research and teaching.”

Management information systems and entrepreneurship junior Esmeralda Badillo, a student at the Bauer College, said she is excited to see what Pavlou brings to the position.

“I think Dr. Pavlou is fit for the role,” Badillo said. “Bauer is one of the best business schools in the nation, so my expectations are only that it continues its legacy and becomes even better.”

Badillo said she thinks Bauer students should welcome Pavlou when he begins his duties for the next semester.

“With all the outlets of communication available to us today, it would bring unison and pride as Bauer students to have a relationship with Dr. Pavlou similar to the one the UH student body has with President Renu Khator,” Badillo said.

Pavlou also plans to enhance academic programs in the college to increase student retention and graduation rates.

“We will strive to enhance the quality and value of the Bauer degree for all students and alumni by promoting experiential learning to enhance the practical relevance of education, innovate with technology to enhance the classroom experience, promote global immersions, internships, international experiences and invest in student services to enhance the student experience and improve the placement of students in high-quality jobs,” Pavlou said.

In an effort to develop the Bauer College’s reputation as a premier business college, Pavlou plans to engage with the Houston business community. He aims to continue developing Bauer’s status, which has gradually increased since Ted Bauer made a  $40 million endowment in 2000.

“We will actively engage with alumni, donors, the Houston business community and other stakeholders to develop the local visibility of the Bauer College,” Pavlou said. “(We will) build a strong reputation as a national player in business education and start developing a global visibility with international partnerships for global immersions and collaborative programs.”

Enhancing student experience

In addition to heightening Bauer’s status and improving its academic programs, Pavlou said he is also willing to work with students to help elevate the Bauer College and to make the experience better for them.

Pavlou said he is willing to work with students to help elevate the Bauer College and to make the experience better for them.

“My door will always be open for feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve the Bauer College, and I would be very happy to hear from all students about their ideas on how to further improve the student experience, student learning and the overall educational experience at the University of Houston,” Pavlou said.

Pavlou cites the experience he has gained at his previous institutions as a great benefit for his new position.

“I am very excited with this position, since in all my previous roles I helped to elevate the reputation and caliber of my institutions through impactful research, quality educational programs and close ties with alumni, industry and the community,” Pavlou said.

Pavlou will be coming to the University of Houston with a clear goal in mind for his new role, he said.

“My goal as dean will be to transform the lives of as many students as possible by offering them appropriate training, mentorship and support – particularly first-generation college students with limited financial means,” Pavlou said. “I will place a strong emphasis on securing scholarships for them to pursue their education at Bauer and UH.”

Pavlou said he believes the most challenging part of the job will be managing a large body of students while ensuring their learning and success, but is still looking forward to this opportunity.

“I am extremely excited about this opportunity at the Bauer College at the University of Houston, and I look forward to working with all students to take the Bauer College to the next level,” Pavlou said.

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