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Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Bauer professional offers advice for virtual recruitment season

Unlike previous years, business students are going into their internship search, now fully aware of the global pandemic that could impact their future opportunities. | File photo

Unlike previous years, C.T. Bauer College of Business students are going into their internship search now fully aware of the global pandemic that could impact their future opportunities. | File photo

Over six months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, C.T. Bauer College of Business students have experienced a virtual internship season and are going into recruitment season with the same expectations of a virtual future.

At the business college, senior career development specialist Chelsea Price offers students advice on how to enter this recruitment cycle prepared for virtual opportunities, this time fully aware of the global pandemic.

“Students should be entering the recruiting season with the understanding that making an impression virtually is different than what they’d been doing in person previously,” Price said.

“The way you ‘show up and show out’ is even more important, because other than on paper, employers have no real way to evaluate candidates if they’re not participating in their events and engaging with them while they’re there. Your interest and enthusiasm should come across online—ask questions, answer questions, say hello and goodbye,” Price continued.

While going through internship recruitment virtually, the recommended etiquette on how you should conduct yourself has shifted, going beyond how to dress and appropriate body language.

“If you’re in a virtual group setting, your microphone should be on mute when you’re not speaking and you should be attentive while others are speaking,” Price said. “Avoid turning your camera off and doing other things while the event or interview is taking place.”

While virtual career opportunities and networking can allow individuals to make connections, it still opens the door for potential technical difficulties. These can include lighting and sound errors.

“Test your lighting and sound before the event to be sure that your setup is good for being seen and heard clearly while you’re on camera,” Price said. “Make an effort to be extremely clear in your messaging online to be sure that what you’d like to get across is understood.”

Earlier during the coronavirus pandemic, some students faced getting their internships rescinded as a result of the sudden shift in public health and the nation’s economy.

Without the surprise virtual shift this recruitment season, students still may face more difficulty in the internship and job search.

“Recruiting has slowed down in some companies and industries, but it certainly hasn’t stopped,” Price said. “As I alluded to above, it’s more competitive in that students should be making an effort beyond simply applying to stand out once they’ve applied for a job.”

Price recommends using platforms you have available as a method to benefit your applications. This can include editing your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile or visiting a career specialist.

“The value of ‘showing up’ isn’t that much different than it had been pre-pandemic, but standing out is,” Price said. “In addition to using the resources available through your college and/or University Career Services.”

Moving forward in a post-coronavirus future, Price hopes companies and businesses will continue in-person recruitment and career development opportunities.

“I believe there’s still much greater value in connecting with others in person; however, these virtual options have given many employers creative solutions to meet their needs without having to abandon too much of their business,” Price said.

“I think (virtual operations) could continue as needed for some businesses in the future.”

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