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Saturday, March 25, 2023


The spread of COVID-19 in Houston should be addressed

The holiday season can’t be blamed for the spread of COVID-19 in Houston. Many open businesses are not doing their part to decrease the spread of the virus.

Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/The Cougar

With the passing of the holiday season, it isn’t surprising that COVID-19 cases have increased in Houston. However, the holiday season can’t be blamed for the spread of COVID-19 as many businesses have heavily contributed to the rise of cases before, and even after, the season.

People look forward to spending the holidays and other special occasions with their families every year, but they need to be mindful when it comes to gatherings and seeing others in the middle of a pandemic.

It has been about a month since the holiday season and Houston is still experiencing the effects of these large gatherings.

Although most of these gatherings take place in more private settings, many businesses have also been the setting for such get-togethers.

This is extremely problematic because it sends the message that businesses are prioritizing gaining money over the health and safety of their customers and those around them. 

Lingering effects of the holiday season

Over the holidays, families who are usually apart because of school, work or distance come from all over to see each other. With the spread of the virus, it is now more difficult than ever before for people to see their loved ones.

Although difficult, it is not impossible as long as gatherings are done in a safe and correct manner so that people remain healthy and do not contract or spread the coronavirus. 

Where many people have done their best to see family during the holidays in a safe way, there are those who seem unbothered by the virus. They’ve been careless in ensuring that they minimize the risk to contract and pass around COVID-19. 

This can be more harmful than people realize. A lack of severe symptoms doesn’t mean the virus can’t be passed to someone who may have a hard time recovering from and dealing with it.

However, Houston has more to blame for the increase in cases than the holiday season.

Houston businesses and COVID-19

Many active and open businesses in Houston are not doing their part in attempting to decrease the spread of the virus.

Businesses should be ensuring that not too many people are gathered in one place, that they are socially distanced and that all customers and employees are wearing masks for the safety of everyone.

It seems as though these rules do not apply to some businesses such as a Houston club that has recently come under fire for hosting a large gathering full of people not following safety regulations.

The problem at hand is more than just a problem of the present. Although people may feel that their usual pre-pandemic activities and habits won’t have much of an effect on the spread of COVID-19, they could not be any further from the truth.

In situations where people and businesses are becoming careless with the virus, it’s likely that people can contract COVID-19 and add to its rapid spread rate that negatively affects the future of Houston.

Houston must do more to ensure that all people and businesses are following safety measures to ensure that the spread of the virus is decreasing.

With the one year anniversary of lockdown coming up soon in March 2021, people should be fully aware and practice safe habits so that another year of such terrible effects due to COVID-19 is prevented.

With the one year lockdown anniversary coming up soon in March 2021, people should be fully aware and practice safe habits to prevent. another year of COVID-19 effects.

This could be a matter of life or death, and everyone needs to do their part to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

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Kimberly Argueta is a political science freshman who can be reached at [email protected]

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