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Thursday, June 30, 2022


UH premiers 2021-22 national commercial on ESPN

In their new 2021-2022 national commercial, UH takes the cherished chant “Whose House? Coogs' House!” to new heights.

In their new national commercial, UH focuses on tradition and pride as they feature UH alumnus Adrián Castillo and others chant “Whose House? Coogs’ House?” | Courtesy of University of Houston – YouTube

In its new commercial, UH takes its signature slogan of “Whose House? Coogs’ House!” on screens across the country to promote the University.

Produced by UH’s Division of Marketing and Communications, “Whose House? Coogs’ House!” centers itself on UH pride and tradition as it features different members of the UH community, including its football team, chanting the phrase. 

The commercial made its debut on Sept. 4, during UH’s opening game against Texas Tech on ESPN. 

A notable member in the commercial is Associate Director of the Office of Global Engagement & Special Programs in the Honors College, Adrián Castillo, who stars in the opening scene yelling “Whose House?” amid a hike atop the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

In response to his question, Castillo is met with the faint reply of “Coogs’ House!” across the canyon.

How Castillo ended up on the Grand Canyon is a testament to the University’s communications and marketing team, who approached the UH alumnus with the opportunity in June.

“They presented the concept to me, which I thought was a great way to share one of our many traditions with a broader audience. I was told that my part would feature the Grand Canyon,” said Castillo.“I assumed we would film in a studio, but I was wrong. We actually filmed it on location at the Grand Canyon. Shouting ‘Whose House?’ into the Grand Canyon was pretty exhilarating.”

Although he was not involved with the other segments, Castillo’s part took a day to film. 

Aside from the football team, other members of the commercial feature nutritional sciences junior and a member of the Spirit of Houston cheerleading team Bea Caroline Sietz. 

Sietz’s segment presents her in New York City’s Times Square, asking the same question as Castillo’s.

Instead of receiving a verbal response, “Coogs’ House!” revealed itself on an illuminated billboard. 

When it officially aired on game day, Castillo remembers the moment as surreal. However, even with his newfound fame, he also notes his life has not changed drastically.

“I am still the same person I was before the commercial,” he said. “I honestly did not expect many people to recognize me from the commercial, but they have. It was rather surreal to see myself so prominently on the jumbotron at NRG during the game against Texas Tech.”

For some UH students, such as political science and government senior Henry Teccsi, the new commercial instilled an improved sense of school pride.

“I didn’t really see much commercial promotion for the UH football team, so I definitely feel like more improvement is needed, and so it would be a great idea,” Teccsi said. 

“I also think that while promoting football is a good idea, we’d do much better promoting basketball as that’s our strong suit, and so far, our performance on the football field has been lacking,” Teccsi continued.

As the football team continues playing this season, the commercial will air during each televised game. Additionally, it will air during regional and national telecasts.

With each televised appearance, Castillo hopes the national commercial will be a conversation starter.

“There are so many great things happening at the University of Houston, and I would like to share that with as many people as possible,” Castillo said. “What I hope people glean from the commercial is that the University of Houston is the University of opportunity.”

“UH provided me so many opportunities as an undergraduate and continues to do so today as a higher education professional. And I know my story is not unique in that regard,” he continued. “I see it every day on campus and in the anecdotes students share. Our stories start at UH. From here, anything is possible.”

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