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Friday, December 8, 2023


Concert Review: Between Friends take on Houston

The musical duo Between Friends performs in front of a crowd in Houston, Texas

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Savannah and Brandon Hudson, better known as the sibling duo, Between Friends, took the stage at their Houston show on Oct. 11 to perform their debut album “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy.” Their musical talent and energy left the attendees with an absolutely unforgettable experience.

But before the duo stepped foot onstage, rapper Blaketheman1000 gave a brief opening performance. His opening act was characterized by intriguing lyrics and electrifying instrumentals. While he only performed for 30 minutes, his interactions with the crowd were deeply enjoyable.

At around 9 p.m., the lights dimmed and the audience screamed with excitement. As the lights fully blacked out, the tension increased as the crowd waited in eager anticipation. 

Suddenly, colorful laser beams lit up the room and the song “Baby Come Back” by Player blasted over the loudspeakers. As the song came to an end, the lights flashed dramatically as Between Friends sprinted onto the stage.

The pair officially kicked the show off with their song “Stalker,” an upbeat catchy song that makes listeners want to jump up and dance. Savannah even held the microphone out to the crowd so they could sing along to the chorus.

“How are y’all doing tonight?” Brandon said as he accompanied his sister on guitar. The crowd responded with a rapturous cheer as they bounced and danced to the music.

They wasted no time getting into their next song, “iloveyou.” As Savannah banged her head to the beat, she told the crowd that the song was dedicated to them. Many concertgoers held up hand hearts during the chorus to express their love and support for the duo.

Something that stood out during this concert was how much Savannah and Brandon interacted with their fans. You could tell that they genuinely care about their audience and are grateful for the support that they receive.

A favorite song of the night was “Self destruct,” a song about self-sabotaging your relationships.

The song talks about the process of losing someone you care about and then looking back with regret, wondering if you made the right choice. Despite an upbeat sound, the lyrics were remarkably deep and the duo’s performance of it was deeply moving. 

During the last songs of the night, concertgoers made an attempt at crowd surfing. Although it was very short-lived, it brought a lot of hype and a deeply fiery energy to the end of the show. The energy was so intense that the floor was actually shaking at one point!

As the night came to a close, the pair seemingly ended the concert with their song, “orange juice.” But as the audience cheered for them to come back, Between Friends came back for an encore with faux reluctance. 

To properly finish off the concert with a bang, they played their most popular song, “affection.” To put it into context, this song accumulated more than 175,000,000 streams on Spotify and went massively viral on TikTok in 2020.

Overall, the energy from the crowd was infectious in the best way. There wasn’t a single person there that wasn’t dancing or singing their heart out.

Despite being a smaller venue, the combined energy from both the band and the crowd made it feel like a stadium with tens of thousands of people. 

Even if you haven’t heard of them until now, you should consider giving Between Friends a shot. Their debut album is a dreamy bedroom pop journey that covers relatable experiences while also being something you can dance and sing along to.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, take a listen on Spotify and maybe you’ll find yourself singing along in the crowd next time.

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