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Tuesday, August 4, 2020


News Real: Powder kegs

Dutch college students are using their time wisely by developing inventions at the forefront of technology: powdered alcohol.

This new innovation of inebriation, Booz2Go, can be legally sold to minors and comes in 20-gram packets that cost 1-1.5 euros ($1.35-$2), Reuters reported.

Mixing water with the substance results in a lime-flavored drink that contains 3 percent alcohol.

"We are aiming for the youth market. They are really more into it because you can compare it with Bacardi-mixed drinks," said Harm van Elderen, one of the inventors.

The legal drinking age in the Netherlands is 16.

Three years ago, alcohol powder, which was classified as a flavoring, was being sold in the U.S.

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