Exercise your rights – write

The holidays are over and the scholastic week has finally begun. Whether we have been dreading this day, we must all accept and embrace the reasons we choose to get an education.

To be enlightened and informed is a magical experience; but a far greater experience is when we, as students, feel stimulated by our erudite professors and course work.

And we at The Daily Cougar strive to edify and stimulate those on the UH campus by bringing your News, Sports, Life ‘ Arts, and of course the effusive perspective of students themselves here in the Opinion section.

In juxtaposition with your studies, writing a column may actually help you retain the knowledge you are receiving through your courses; inculcating what you’ve been taught is proven to help retain information.

I am looking to recruit new, unparalleled writers who have the natural ability to create polemic columns and bring a fresh perspective for others to enjoy (or not, which is why you can send a letter to the editor in disagreement with published articles). Both undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply to write as an opinion columnist for The Daily Cougar. Neo-conservatives, infantile leftists, amateur intellectuals, professed philosophers – all are welcome.

If you can coherently and eloquently pontificate your argument then you and your ideology are welcome. Though, prolonged complaints about why Einstein Bros. Bagels never has green tea or why the squirrels on campus are becoming mildly obese are probably something you would want to keep among your friends.

Italian intellectual Antonio Gramsci’s motto in life was pessimism of the intelligence and optimism of the will. In other words, question the strength of everything but also take the initiative to form a change.

However, if change is what you want to achieve, then you must voice your reasons and logic so others can be inclined and aware, and fortunately under the democratic label, we are entitled to freedom of speech. Should we not exercise our rights, then?

More than likely, there is something that concerns you. If it is the horrific and incessant war in Iraq that never seems to end, the class struggles between the rich and poor, the globe that is warming or the prison-industrial complex, issues need to be addressed and analyzed for others to understand.

And again, these are issues that you can write about for the Opinion section.

For inquiries or more information, you can email me at [email protected] or even look on our Web site at for archives and more.

And for those who live away from campus, instead of listening to music, why not enjoy your commute by listening to news radio (NPR on 88.7 and Democracy Now on 90.1) in the mornings and afternoons. It really makes the drive so much better.

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