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Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Five Minutes of Fame: Advertising senior fancies superbowl commercials

Zaneta Loh: What year are you?

Sean McCarthy: Senior.

Loh: So yesterday was your last "first day of school."

McCarthy: Hopefully, with any luck.

Loh: What’s your major?

McCarthy: Advertising.

Loh: What do you like about advertising?

McCarthy: It’s easier to play with. You have a lot of options. Nothing’s real definite. You get to play with different ideas.

Loh: Do you sit there and watch the Superbowl for the commercials?

McCarthy: I like to watch them, but I watch it for the game and just kind of look at the commercials, maybe take notes or something. That was our assignment last semester, taking notes on Superbowl commercials.

Loh: That’s lucky.

Loh: You’re wearing a Pat Green shirt.

McCarthy: Yes.

Loh: Big fan?

McCarthy: Yeah.

Loh: Did you go to a concert or something?

McCarthy: Yeah, at the rodeo.

Loh: I love the rodeo! I went to Rascal Flatts last year.

McCarthy: I didn’t get tickets to that one. I went to a couple.

Loh: Did you go to Hannah Montana?

McCarthy: No, that was definitely one I didn’t go to.

Loh: Any big plans for you last semester?

McCarthy: Just try to get A’s and get a job.

Loh: How many hours do you have left?

McCarthy: Fifteen.

Loh: That’s not too bad. Some people leave, like, 18 hours for the last semester.

McCarthy: I think I’ve got to take like two classes next semester unless I get into them this week. So maybe next semester will be my first day of school.

Loh: Are you a big football fan?

McCarthy: I like baseball better, but yeah, I like it.

Loh: Are you going to go to the games?

McCarthy: I’ll go to a few, at least, when I don’t have work.

Jenny Krause: Softball!

Loh: How about softball? Do you like softball?

McCarthy: I’ve never been to a softball game.

Loh: Did you know they were really good last year?

McCarthy: I had no idea. I went to a softball game in high school.

Loh: And that was it?

McCarthy: I just didn’t have time, really, last semester.

Loh: Did you go to baseball games last semester?

McCarthy: I went to like one, and two or three football games.

Loh: Busy man.

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