Christians should focus on works

It is time for Christians to fight back. It is beyond belief what politics and arrogance have been able to do to our religion --the church scandals, the controversial friends and too much more to name.

How do we allow this? How is it that a handful of church leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson managed to overshadow the efforts that good grassroots churches are doing in their communities? Why have we allowed these extremists to create an image that Christians love America more than we love God?

True, there is an element in our community that speaks optimistically about governmental murder plots, and yes, there are those who think that a clash of cultures is inevitable because of religion.

How have we managed to let ourselves descend to the depths of allowing members of our government to speak for us? Remember the Pharisees? That is the blend of politics and religion.

Christianity is a belief that begins in your soul and emanates from your very pores, casting a glow that should be evident for all to see. We are not supposed to involve ourselves with politics.

Jesus refused to march on Rome. What he did was to concern himself with feeding the hungry, comforting the impoverished and loving Jew, Gentile, saint and sinner alike. He drew people because condemnation was not in him. He asked for nothing and was want for nothing.

Christians, we need to leave philosophy to philosophers, judgment to God and we need to reassert our role as community centers and safe, sane asylums.

The term Evangelical is not a pejorative, but we are not being that right now either. We have shifted our eyes from communities and neighbors and aimed our sights on politics and prestige. These are not the goals of Jesus, neither should they be ours.

In America right now our media encourage promiscuity and soulless materialism, and in Britain, a man has given birth. Divorce is commonplace, especially among Christians. Like it or not, the evils are here. These are exactly the issues we should be taking on right now. Passing judgment takes one minute; working to better our communities is a lifetime of work. Does God love one minute of condemnation from us more than a lifetime of work? It is not our job to be politically intolerant of these people who define their lives differently.

In the Bible it says to give Caesar what is due him. Never does it say to bow before him and become his tool. The idea of separation of Church and state is as much about protecting the state from the Church as it is protecting the holiness of the Church from the secular state.

Khan, a political science and history junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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