SGA Reps push orientation bill

A bill proposing to increase student input on now-mandatory Freshmen and transfer student orientation will face the Student Government Association Senate tonight.

During its second meeting of the semester, the SGA will focus its attention on the Orientation Committee Bill, which calls for one of two changes to the Orientation Committee: Either additional student representatives serve on the committee or University Student Affairs sets up a Student Steering Committee with more student representation.

"We want to make sure whoever comes together to plan orientation will have enough input," SGA Vice President Jonas Chin said.

SGA hopes to fill about three or four student positions on the Orientation Committee

SGA representatives also plan to formally announce Coogslist, a student resource Web site similar to Craigslist, launched at the end of August. Chin and Official Web Coordinator Chris McClean will administer a presentation about the site to inform attendees of its abilities.

"We haven’t done a full campaign yet, so I hope (tonight) is the first big introduction of many," Chin said.

In the introductory presentation, Chin and McClean will demonstrate how to use Coogslist as well as what forums are available. On Coogslist students will be able to search for roommates, buy or sell books or form carpools.

Many of the SGA’s goals, such as developing a recycling master plan, focus on environmental issues, and Coogslist arose from the basic desire to decrease the amount of paper bulletins posted on campus.

In May, the SGA also took initiatives to support The Keep a Child Alive campaign, which raises awareness for AIDS in Africa. Today, the SGA will continue with its humanitarian efforts by establishing an official resolution for the Meadgroup.

Meadgroup, which stands for Minority Education Advancement Determination, helps lower-income students in efforts to attend college.

"We recognize Meadgroup as a good organization," Chin said, "SGA is going to send some members to high schools and help them visit local sponsorships (for attending college)….We hope to keep in contact with future students."

In addition, SGA also plans to pass the budget set for the 2008-2009 year, previously tabled at their Aug. 27 meeting after many senators requested more time to review it.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 tonight in the University Center Underground, Meditation Room. All students are welcome to attend. For information on Coogslist, or to access the Web site, visit

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