Center presents education workshops

Students gaze at a Power Point slideshow on test preparation, tuning out distractions to focus on self-improvement. They listen eagerly, attentively, jotting down notes here and there. The room is soundless, yet countless thoughts and questions fill the air. These students are learning to learn.

This is a typical scene at fall workshops held by Learning Support Services.

Among the resources it offers to UH students, Learning and Assessment Services, of which LSS is a division, has created workshops on various topics that aim to help students become better learners. Topics range from Help, I Can’t Concentrate! to Procrastination to Writing Better Research Papers.

Some students, such as University Studies sophomores Christine Vaughn and Moureen Azagidi, said they have reaped benefits from these workshops.

"I’ve known about these workshops since freshman year. This year, I have to attend them for my family development and relationships course and UScholars requirements," Vaughn said. "The workshops are both informative and educational. I can definitely apply the skills I have learned in my daily lifestyle."

Azagidi said she attended the Preparing for Tests workshop to boost her academic career.

"With this workshop I can analyze my notes and compile them in a fashion where I can easily study and won’t stress out," Azagidi said.

The LSS workshops are designed to help students learn about strategies that will enable them to be more successful in their academic career.

Given the 35,000 students on the UH campus, the center wanted to meet the needs of as many students as possible, LSS Director Gail Gillian said.

"LSS is a comprehensive learning center. Although tutoring has been at our core for a long time, we have expanded as the need to support learning has expanded," Gillian said.

The center is managed by learning strategy counselors Laura Heidel and Lorraine Schroeder, who are licensed professionals focused on learning. These counselors oversee the workshops and help students improve their learning needs on an individual basis.

"They complete assessments of learning style and learning strategies for the students they see, and then using this and intake information, develop a plan for enhancing the student’s success," Gillian said.

The services of LSS are structured around its mission to increase graduation rates and student retention.

"We want students to understand the process of learning and how to best implement the process," Gillian said. "This is what we hope they get from the workshops – a way to improve in not just one class, but in learning across classes and experiences."

LAS also offers workshops for graduate students, including Tips for Acing the GRE and Preparing a Research Article for Publication.

The next LSS workshop, Conquer Math Anxiety, will be held 4 p.m. Thursday in Room 328, Graduate College of Social Work. Students can register for these workshops on the LAS Web site, or by calling (713) 743-5411.


-Study Strategies and Note Taking for a Great Semester

-Time Management Tips for Busy Students

-Textbook and College-Level Reading Tips

-Preparing For and Taking Tests

-Conquer Math Anxiety

-Improve Your Memory Power

-Writing Better Research Papers

-Critical Thinking

-Hints for Taking the GRE

-Understanding Motivation

-Calm Your Test-Taking Fears

-Goal Setting

-Reduce Academic Stress Through


-Organize Yourself

-Help, I Can’t Concentrate!

-APA Writing Style


-Preparing for and Coping with Finals

-Learning Styles

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