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Wednesday, December 6, 2023


FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: English junior turns focus to school

Carlos Giambi: Did you come to school last week?

Daniella Hernandez: I did for some of my classes, but for some I knew my teachers couldn’t make it.

Giambi: What was that like?

Hernandez: It was kind of inconvenient. I guess I wasn’t focused on school the whole week, and now I feel behind.

Giambi: (Last week) wasn’t mandatory, though. Why did you feel you had to come?

Hernandez: Some classes I just knew the teachers would be there so I really didn’t want to miss out on anything.

Giambi: Did they go over any new material? I know that students got an e-mail saying that teachers shouldn’t give any tests or papers that week.

Hernandez: I didn’t have any tests or projects due, for the most part my teachers postponed those and cancelled certain assignments altogether. For one of my classes my teacher did go over new material, but I’m sure that she’ll review everything this week for students that couldn’t come.

Giambi: What would you have done if you didn’t go to class?

Hernandez: Just hang out, study at home, because I have a lot of reading. I (also) work at Pei Wei, the one on Waugh and Dallas.

Giambi: There was some flooding over there (during Ike). How did you fare during the storm?

Hernandez: I went to my parents’ house in Kingwood and they still don’t have power. But my roommate checked up on the apartment and saw that we had power so I came back after one day.

Giambi: So no damage to the apartment where you live?

Hernandez: No major damage except for the fence around the complex. A lot of cleaning up.

Giambi: You said you were a junior, but you sounded unsure. Do you know for sure?

Hernandez: My first year of college I went to Baylor, but it was too expensive.

Giambi: How did you land on English (as a major)?

Hernandez: I really like literature. I’m probably going to get my teaching certificate.

Giambi: Do you think teachers should get paid more?

Hernandez: I think so. They have a lot of responsibilities and the good ones put a lot of work into what they do.

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