Green plan proposed by SGA

The Student Government Association will propose its campus green resolution, calling for the creation of a University Sustainability Task Force, at its third Senate meeting at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the University Center, Mediterranean Room.

The task force will be responsible for ensuring the campus becomes more environmentally conscious.

"Sustainability means being green through educating students on recycling and infrastructure, and also improving the beautification aspect to naturally enhance our University," Vice President Jonas Chin said.

Responsibilities of the task force will include partnering with campus environmental organizations to develop a master plan for recycling and finding alternative sources of renewable energy. Guest speaker Emily Messa, staff executive director of Business Services, will discuss University sustainability in further detail at the meeting.

As for enhancing the aesthetic of UH, SGA will also propose a bill to push for the support of a student vote in the fee referendum for the renovation of the University Center, expected to take place in late November.

Director of University Center and Associated Affiliates Keith Kowalka and UC Policy Board Chairman Micah Keenfield will speak about the referendum.

"We want to transform (the University Center) into the campus living room, because we want people to get a sense of what UH is about," SGA President Sam Dike said. "Now that we know what things can look like, its time to ask students if they will stand behind us and support."

The Student Government will also focus attention toward resolving parking issues commuters face by introducing a resolution to support the implementation of a Metro light rail transit center on Elgin Avenue, which will serve University students.

"We are trying to reduce the amount of people who drive to the campus," Dike said. "This is creative problem solving to decrease some of our parking problems."

In continuation of assistance at the various Points of Distribution sites last week, which enlisted the help of more than 750 university volunteers in the distribution of water, ice and Meals, Ready-to-Eat, SGA plans to initiate a volunteer disaster relief effort for giving back to the community.

"This was a natural disaster, but in some ways it may help us to do more (community) things," Dike said. "We will turn this negative thing into something positive by organizing."

SGA executives hope to organize a Cougar emergency response team, which will consist of student volunteers, to help with relief efforts on and off campus. Although consideration of official legislation will be postponed until SGA’s next meeting, on Oct. 8, Dike and Chin will introduce the plan to the Senate tonight.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the University Center, Mediterranean Room.

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