Letter to the editor: Reader wants more of Khator’s past

To the editor:

I am a consistent reader and first time writer to your paper. I am surprised I have not seen an analysis of the actions taken while Dr. Khator was working for the University of Southern Florida in comparison to the actions taken here at Univerity of Houston.

I would surmise that given the hurricanes that hit Florida during her time there, she would be able to make an informed decision concerning how to handle such a situation. Having seen her posted r’eacute;sum’eacute; and the information posted on our Web site of her saying "I made the decision based on the best information available to me at the time," I would have liked to see a response that mirrored her experience in the south of Florida from 2003-2007 as opposed to the "Head of the EMT" she said in her address.

In any event, I am surprised that this has not been pursued. Given the fact that my professors have rescheduled all of my exams for this week, I don’t have the time to chase this on my own. I hope you do. I love the paper and keep it up.

Chris Oidtmann

University scholars sophomore

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