America losing military strength

This is part one of a three part series on American global politics.

I once had a roommate who was never wrong. I remember him once lecturing a lesbian couple about how wrong they were for being lesbians. He made an analogy using ice cream as an example.

"You see," he said. "It’s like going and getting ice cream. You can go out and get strawberry, but that is wrong when you should have gotten vanilla, and you know that."

To me, he sums up much of the American attitude – an attitude that is getting dangerously arrogant. It is an attitude only to be found when one proves one is the best; when we beat up on fascists and dictators in WWII, then paid to fix everything the war damaged. But that was then, and this is now.

There are basically three aspects of global politics that make a nation strong: diplomatic ties and friends, economic might and military might.

We have become progressively weak, militarily.

Throughout all of human history, military might has been a proof of power. The Western world has kept to the idea of large standing armies and massive amounts of equipment as being the foundations of military power. In the United States, we definitely have the most technology and state-of-the-art gear, and we absolutely have the ability to project forces across the face of the entire globe on any scale we choose.

However, we were beaten like a redheaded stepchild in Vietnam after they kicked out another premier power, the French. We were run out by a determined insurgency.

Korea fought and held us as well. We never did get them to capitulate – the end goal of all conventional wars.

Today, even with all of our technology, all of our manpower, we are getting embarrassed once again in Iraq.

The force we are fighting is a bunch of misled idiots with nothing left to lose. They are waging a war of economic attrition and winning. Their casualty counts are much higher than ours, even if killed women and children are excluded, but we are losing. Not only have we not accomplished our goals, but our efforts began at a time when there was not a real terror network in Iraq. Since our efforts began, we have given the necessary conditions to Bin Laden to establish one. There are idiots everywhere, but before, under Saddam, citizens had something to lose. Since our invasion, however, we have stripped them of all that. Now they have nothing to lose.

Bin Laden and the global terror network have been accomplishing their goals bit by bit. We are being driven further and further from ours. Our spreading liberty and freedom to Iraq cost those very things for citizens here. We have traded them to the Iraqis, and they don’t even want them.

Khan, a political science and history junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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