FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Freshman all about helping others

Shayla LaMotte: It’s your first year. What high school did you go to? Vivian Ngiyen: Westside. LaMotte: So you’re from Houston? Ngiyen: Yeah. LaMotte: What made you want to come to UH? Ngiyen: Um, money (laughs). LaMotte: Oh OK. So do you have a night class, or are you just up here studying today? Ngiyen: Yeah. Well, I’m waiting for my friend to get out of class. We carpool together and his last class ends like at 8 p.m. LaMotte: Oh, that’s kind of late. Do you all have issues parking wise? Ngiyen: No, we get here pretty early too. LaMotte: Well that’s good. Do you have any exams Tuesday that you’re studying for right now? Ngiyen: Yeah. LaMotte: What classes are they? Ngiyen: Ah, I have statistics and chemistry. LaMotte: And you’re a pre-pharmacy major, so what do you want to do? Ngiyen: Um, I want to work in the hospitals. LaMotte: Doing what? Ngiyen: Uh, administering medications and prescribing pain medications – that’s mostly what they do. LaMotte: So do you know a lot about the pharmacy program? Ngiyen: Yeah, a decent amount. I joined the Pre-Pharmacy Association and they really inform me. LaMotte: Yeah, do you do any special events with that organization? Ngiyen: They do mostly volunteer work, and I’ve been to one of them so far. LaMotte: Do you have a lot coming up? Ngyien: There’s a JDRF walk in like two or three weeks. LaMotte: What kind of walk? Ngiyen: JDRF, I forgot what it was. LaMotte: Oh, OK. (laughs) Ngiyen: (laughs) LaMotte: But it’s like a "walk," so you’ll be raising money for different causes? Ngiyen: Um, actually I have no idea. They’re supposed to be training us Tuesday for what we’re doing. LaMotte: Are you involved in any other activities or organizations? Ngiyen: I joined the Environmental Club, and the UNICEF club. LaMotte: So are you very environmentally conscious and do you recycle all the time? Ngiyen: Yes. LaMotte: Are you also like an animal activist or anything else, or just focused on the environment? Ngiyen: Um, not strongly but I understand. LaMotte: Do you have a hybrid or anything? Ngiyen: Um, no I actually have an SUV ironically. But that’s not by choice.

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