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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Inaugural speech inspires, rouses

The nation has seemed to limp along on crutches for the handful who harbor faith in it. That includes President Barack Obama. He has lit the candle amidst the darkness and understands that he can lead us to prosperous days once again. The 44th president of the U.S. brought about a revolution, rekindled hope and encouraged us to make our dreams a reality.

The inauguration is not only historic in giving American presidential power to the first black man, but also brings light to the journey leading to this event, marking a new wave of awakening amongst the American people as well as among the international community. Barack Obama reverently takes his stance as a national leader proposing to help overcome these times of uncertainty and diminishing optimism.

President Obama’s inaugural speech lived up to its purpose; his eloquence brilliantly translated his moral and logical values. He has gained our faith and cooperation. He spoke of bridging gaps and renovation in order to serve what we believe in.

He brings intellect to the masses, telling us we play a crucial role in not just regaining stability but reaffirming faith in the Constitution. He was explicit and concise in addressing failing systems and followed those remarks by inspiring optimism for the future.

He places a responsibility with us, to replenish our spirit in order to serve as the necessary constructive tools on the way to greater days.

His charisma rests not only in the fact that he is an individual with strenuous faith in people, but also that he built himself from amongst the minority to rise to this occasion.

Obama took a challenging path to reformation. Instead of fighting against the government, he respected its foundation. He took it upon himself to remind us of philosophies, aspirations, struggles and achievements past leaders have held and promoted.

The historical significance as the first black president of the United States brings hope to the restoration of the structure. President Obama’s fierce ambition inspires not only his fellow citizens but also rekindles hope in hearts of citizens of the world.

We have put aside our rose-colored glasses. Now, we have the opportunity to be an important part of what may become a great revolution.

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