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Alumni connection

Charles Iyoho has taken an atypical path after graduation.

The communication alumnus takes on the stage name ‘Black Caesar’ and raps alongside his brother Tony ‘Bustrip’ Iyoho in the burgeoning hip-hop scene of Shreveport, La. The duo call themselves Rhyme University.

‘It’s a lot of fun, the people I meet. We don’t do it for fame, or money, but for the love of the music,’ Iyoho said.

Iyoho originally planned on a career in journalism or writing until he found that a career as a hip-hop artist could be rewarding.

‘The knowledge that I have received from my classes has given me a higher level of social awareness, enhanced my communication skills and has helped me to communicate at events and public speaking. Being knowledgeable in communication has given me more confidence when I speak in public,’ Iyoho said.

Drawing inspiration from Tupac, Kanye West, Nirvana and Lauren Hill, Iyoho’s lyrics are intertwined with the social commentary and sophistication missing from other music of the same genre.

‘My music isn’t something that you could play in a club and dance to. It’s not that kind of sound,’ he said.

Iyoho places an importance in highlighting the struggles that one may face in society and tries to give his music an upbeat vibe. He said his music appeals to a higher level of consciousness.

Rhyme University is currently promoting their album The Mo(u)rning Call, which is available on their Web site at

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