Candidate focuses campaign on dorms

Student Government Association elections are today and Thursday, and Senator At-Large candidate James Andy Chang said he wants students to know help is on the way.

Chang, a mathematics and biology junior, said he focused much of his campaign on UH residence halls. As an on-campus resident, Chang said he can sympathize with other students living on campus.

‘ ‘Residential areas don’t have much representation in student government, even though we make up about a tenth of the campus population.’ Chang said. ‘I’d like to address certain issues with conditions and possible improvement,’

Chang says he, like many UH students, wants to see UH grow to achieve flagship status and wants to oversee this with a student government seat.

‘I’m in support of the current (SGA) administration’s proposal for tuition and the lock on tuition,’ Chang said. ‘I also support the two-for-one deal for summer school.’

Another focus of Chang’s campaign is campus security. ‘

‘My main concern is increasing campus lighting,’ Chang said. ‘There are a lot of areas on campus that are really dark and even I don’t feel safe walking around campus as a college male.’

Chang, who has campaigned since the latter part of February, used the Internet as a campaign tool. He set up a Facebook group outlining his policies and used his Facebook status to help spread his name and goals around campus.

Chang spoke with students face-to-face to discuss his campaign and posted fliers around the campus.

He says he chose to run for SGA for the joy of helping fellow students.

‘The SGA is all about students helping students and that’s my motto,’ Chang said. ‘I’m in a lot of organizations that really promote this, and I think students helping students is the best (way) for anyone to learn.’

Being new to college politics, Chang says he wants to see new faces in SGA and to let the students know what student government is all about.

‘I want to give our alumni pride, give our current students a voice and give our future students hope when coming here,’ he said.

Chang has worked as a Resident Assistant since August 2007 and serves as the student program director for the Resident Life and Housing Department.

To read more about Chang’s policies visit the Facebook group: I want James ‘Andy’ Chang for UH-SGA Senator At-Large#1! at

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