UC stresses vacation safety

The University Center hosted its annual Safe Spring Break event Wednesday to remind students to behave responsibly during the looming leisure of next week’s spring break.

For beach bound students, the event previews the fun in the sun with a hula-hoop contest and free smoothies provided by Maui Wowi Hawaiian. Other activities included outdoor bowling and gladiator-style jousting. Along with the festivities came an important message for the students said Lawrence Daniel, associate director of University Center and Associate Facilities.

‘Tragic things have happened to students so many times while drinking on spring break,’ Daniel said. ‘This event was about encouraging students to make spring break safe.’

UC staff provided students with strategies for how to drink responsibly as well as information on alcoholism.

‘They recommended things like consuming no more than one drink per hour, having a glass of water between drinks, and not drinking and driving,’ said University Center Administration office assistant Harrison Rupp.

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center provided skin cancer awareness screenings to emphasize the importance of sunscreen to those planning on returning to classes with that perfect tan.

‘Our students need to think about the pros and cons of their decisions,’ Daniel said.

The Associate Press reported Thursday that 20-year-old spring breaker Jonathon Dial, who police said ‘had been drinking all day,’ climbed to the top of his motel’s roof in Panama City Beach, Fla. and then fell 15 feet, face first to the ground.

Dial was submitted to the Gulf Coast Medical Center in critical condition with facial fractures, missing teeth and possible head injuries.

Dial’s painful spring break accident is not the first of its kind and sure not to be the last, but the UC Safe Spring Break event will hopefully help prevent UH students from contributing to the vacation casualties.

‘As a University, it would be irresponsible to not inform the students on what lies ahead of them,’ said Daniel.

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