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Saturday, June 3, 2023


SGA elections see record turnout

The nail-biting has begun for the second time in two weeks for candidates running in the UH SGA presidential and vice-presidential elections.’

This election round has already made SGA history by having not only the largest number of candidates, but also the greatest student voter turnout on record.’

More than 3,200 students voted in this election with 74 students running for 32 positions, as opposed to last year’s record-breaking turnout of 2,752 votes. Some of those who did not voted now wish they had.

‘ ‘I know I should have (voted). I mean, this is my school and I care about what goes on,’ said a student who wishes to remain anonymous. ‘I was preoccupied with midterms and plans for spring break. I am glad the turnout was so great, even without my vote.’

The original election has filled all seats except those of the president and vice president. It has been whittled down to two parties, both so closely tied in votes that a run-off has been called.

Alexander Obregon and Laura Bobrick received 32.8 percent of the votes, while Kenneth Fomunung and Prince Wilson received 25.5 percent.

This is going to be exciting for all parties involved. Having been a part of a historical campus moment will be forever etched in their memories. The participating voters are proud to have been a part of this moment as well.

‘Since turning 18, I have been a voting fiend,’ said a student who calls himself Ace.

He goes on to explain he became interested in politics as a junior in high school. He registered to vote during his senior year and has followed most of the local elections and voted in all that he could. The SGA election allowed him to vote where it counts and where the results will be immediately noticed.

‘ ‘It’s great to know that I will be able to see actual results from the party I voted for,’ Ace said.’

It is almost comical how many people do not want to discuss who they voted for, as if the old taboo from our parents’ days still applied. The candidates and voters of today are eager, strong-minded individuals who want to be heard and can make a difference in the future of our student body.’

With the election so closely tied, it only proves this point further. The results showed each party received less than 50 percent of the votes. Some may view this as a negative, but looking at it from the other side only shows all of the candidates were similarly qualified, making the decision making process even more difficult.

The UH SGA has been active since 1934 and acts as a voice for the student body. The SGA influences the University’s decision-making process by serving as a liaison between the students and governing bodies such as the UH administration, UH System Board of Regents and Texas State Legislature, according to SGA’s Web site,

Regardless of the run-off results, it will be reassuring to know that we will be left in the capable hands of well-qualified representatives. We are looking forward to an active and production year with whomever is elected. As the rules go in the game of survival of the fittest, may the best man (or woman) win.

Alana MousaviDin is a communication senior and may be reached at [email protected].

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