Obregon wants to ensure initiatives seen through

Psychology senior Alexander Obregon became interested in SGA his sophomore year of college.

‘I actually saw articles in The Daily Cougar about what SGA was doing, and decided to research it online,’ Obregon said.

Obregon wanted to be a part of an organization that made a difference.

‘I thought about joining an organization that had direct impact on the quality of education the students of UH had,’ Obregon said. ‘What really drew me to SGA was an opportunity to give back.’

SGA gave Obregon the opportunity to work for Houston City Council Member Ronald Green.

‘I became interested through SGA and was able to receive an internship for one semester and then was offered a part-time job to do research,’ Obregon said.
Despite his major, Obregon said he doesn’t intend on working in the psychology field.

‘I want to go to law school and would like to join social policy in the future,’ Obregon said.

As a member of the 45th Student Government Association Senate, Obregon said he wants to ensure the initiatives he helped construct during the last year are seen through by the 46th administration.

Obregon tasted election defeat running for College of Liberal Arts and Social Science Senator of the 44th Administration.

He ran again and won this year and rose to Chief Justice of Student Traffic and then was promoted to Speaker of Senate.

In this, Obregon’s third campaign, he said someone who has fundamental knowledge and is well qualified should take over.

Obregon looks up to the current SGA president Sam Dike.

‘(Dike) has been very instrumental in giving me advice,’ Obregon said.

Obregon’s co-campaign managers have also been an asset to his campaign.

‘SGA Senator Van Hua and (economics) senior Bob Griffin have also helped me through this,’ Obregon said.

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