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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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COUGAR SUTRA: Anonymous sex rises in popularity

The forecast for anonymous sex can be summed up as: ugly, with a good chance of burning urination.

In this more casual form of a one-night stand, no names are given.

Encounters commonly take place in public or semi-public spaces, because who would let a stranger into their home?’

The problem with such casual trysts is that they have the potential to kill. I used to believe that there was nothing wrong with being ‘that guy.’ I bought into the image of a carefree lifestyle; I wanted to be a character in a movie and not a real person.

Anonymous sex was made even more appealing by the fact that my jokes tend to get repetitive after first dates. Also, I wasn’t ready to get married.’

However, when I lied to girls to make them find me more attractive, I felt bad.

I wanted to blame something other than myself for my behavior.

People try to blame such high-risk behavior on a lot of things in their lives, but they don’t want to blame themselves.

They don’t want to admit that they aren’t as attractive as they thought. They don’t want to admit that the reason they are not in a relationship is because no one wants to be with them. What they want is to remain anonymous and hide behind a mask of lies.

I first tried to blame the allure of immediate gratification and thrill-seeking behavior for my actions, but I found giant holes in my reasoning.

‘ First of all, there’s nothing immediately gratifying about sex – at least not for me.

I spent a lot of time trying meet women, and most evenings I still would either end up going home alone or spending hours talking to a friend about how we needed to meet some new girls. ‘ There was nothing immediate about this process.

My next excuse was the thrill-seeking behavior, but I discovered that seeking out anonymous sex is not nearly as thrilling as some sexual fetishes you hear or read about. Try having sex while scuba diving. If you do it in the murky waters off of Galveston, you might not even have to look at the person you’re with. Plus, there are sharks in the ocean, and being bitten by a shark would make for a much better story than, ‘I met someone on the Internet and she gave me gonorrhea.’

While I was taking a hard look at these excuses, something strange happened – I grew up. In my case, I was lucky because I had managed to escape this pattern of behavior with only minor emotional damage and a few funny stories.

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