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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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GLOBAL heads back to prom

In late January, the University’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender student organization, GLOBAL, began planning for a new event in its semester lineup.  It’s called the Rainbow Prom, and it’s almost here.

With festivities set for Saturday, the Rainbow Prom is an old GLOBAL idea finally brought into being by the group’s dramatic upsurge in membership.

With attendance to weekly meetings up several fold over the past few years, GLOBAL now has the activity to enlist the aid of UH’s administration in the form of financial assistance, room accommodations, concessions and even entertainment.

“I met with the funding board … to get costs reimbursed. Not everything’s been finalized yet, but the meeting seemed to go very well.  For food, I requested sushi, Chick-Fil-A, salads from Chili’s, other veggie-friendly items, etc,” said Phill Stout, president of the UH chapter of GLOBAL. “We definitely have a karaoke machine and I think we can get a DJ.”

If funded by the university, which is likely the case, this show of support for GLBT students would be just another brick in the wall for UH’s consistently and increasingly gay-friendly attitude. Just this year alone, our school has taken numerous strides in acknowledging and protecting these students, even going so far as to put “Pride” signs across the entire campus.  While the Rainbow Prom may lack the glamour and severe intoxication of a traditional prom, UH’s support for the student-run activity could also be tinged by symbolic meaning for students who traditionally have less than ideal high school experiences.

With food, music and lodgings all lined up, there is only one embarrassing detail left to cover: decorations. The proposed style of the Rainbow Prom is set to be simply rainbow colors, with the room divided into different individual colors. As actual decorations won’t be put up until the day of, anyone who wants to contribute to the effort should visit

Estimated attendance for the event is somewhere around 100.  Attendees are free to bring their friends, but as the Rainbow Prom is using University space and resources, it is meant for students only.

According to GLOBAL’s Web site, the party is scheduled to last from 8 p.m. to 1 p.m., which either means that GLOBAL is the most hardcore student group on campus, or it’s a typo. Either way, the enthusiasm of the group and its highly motivated officers promise to make the Rainbow Prom a night splendor and gaiety. Just remember that when you see the live goat, it’s time to leave.

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