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SGA candidates speak

Karli Williams
(Sen. at-large No. 4)

I know most of you are busy people juggling more than one thing in your life. So to help you out, I will be your voice in the Student Government Association. There are many changes that can be made at UH. I am eager and willing to fight for these changes if you let me. I cannot make any promises but I will do my best to tackle every task thrown in my direction.

Voting takes place online at So you can vote at time that best fits your schedule.

Dan Cato
(Sen. at-large No. 2)

Cynicism among citizens is rampant within any political arrangement or institution. The University of Houston Student Government Association is no exception. And by all means, students have a right to be cynical, considering our organization’s less-than-stellar performance this last year.

As the recently appointed vice chair of our Internal Affairs committee, I have seen first hand among the leaders of SGA the blatant disregard for our by-laws, protocol, and overall mission. I co-authored numerous bills, which passed with overwhelming majorities, in an attempt to clamp down on the corrosive leadership that has caused so many students to become cynical towards SGA. However, if I have learned anything these past months, it is that leadership cannot be legislated. Leadership comes from action. It is my firm promise, and you can hold me to it, that as senator, my actions will speak louder than my legislation.

As senator, I will hold our organization to a higher standard, one befitting a university that aspires to a higher status. And, as senator, I will focus my energies on two largely over-looked student services, the Health Center, and the intramural fields. I cannot guarantee reform — but you better believe I will fight for it.

Ehsan Hashmani
(Sen. at-large No. 4)

I am a junior majoring in business. After three years on this campus I have noticed many issues on campus that need fixing. It seems that every semester not only tuition increases, but also the price of books. Other college campus bookstores offer students the ability to rent textbooks instead of buying them, thus saving them about half the money they would have originally spent on the textbook. I think it’s safe to say that the student body would like to see changes in the current textbook policies, and that is one thing I’d definitely bring to light for SGA.

Another concern that many people have is security. How safe is the campus? Many students are tired of their inbox filling up with e-mails about another crime committed on campus. We could use some more security kiosks around campus. A pair of eyes at each kiosk would increase safety on campus tremendously. That is also another issue I will place emphasis on if elected. In order for me to help you guys I will need your help today and Thursday, so help yourself by voting for me!

Julian Jimenez
(Sen. at-large No. 2)

I only wanted to take this opportunity to urge you to just vote. Period. That’s it. It doesn’t matter who you support, it doesn’t matter who you think is the better candidate — every single person in the run-off election has a passion for improving the university and will do their best to ensure a successful administration. No matter who wins, the student body will benefit from a better, stronger SGA.

There are 31,000 students who attend this school and only 3500 voted in the main election. Why? The school lacks cohesion among the its students, and I believe that if we are to truly be worthy of a tier one status, we must begin treating the school less like a second job and more like a community. It’s important that we begin building school pride, and that starts when students become more active in the events that shape our campus.

The SGA is the voice of the student body, but only a few people are being heard. By voting in this run-off election, you are ensuring a better school. The students are the life of this university, and I think it’s time that we get things moving forward. Vote.

Carlos Reyes and Matthew Davis
(President/vice president)

You wake up, leave your house, battle through traffic, get to class, leave class, battle through traffic, arrive home, go to sleep and repeat.

That’s the lifestyle many of our students at UH go through, with some including jobs, children, families, and so on. Many students simply do not care about this school and don’t get to enjoy the full college experience. They lose their mind for a parking spot, they have to pay for expensive books, and feel tuition is too high and no one is willing to help.

It doesn’t always have to be that way.

We want to help out our students embrace their college experience, to join organizations, to be a part of this school. When you’re involved, you don’t only help this campus, but you also help yourself. By offering scholarships, not necessarily bringing down the tuition rate but instead making school financially accessible to more people.

We don’t want to offer unrealistic ideas that are not feasible, or attainable in under a year. We want to provide a checklist of action items that we can take on and accomplish for the students.

Prince Wilson and Johnnie Jackson
(President/vice president)

I, together with a diverse group of competent individuals, stand unfazed by the responsibilities and pressures associated with leadership. We want to represent you (your voice, your interests, and your ideas) to the fullest and best of our ability before the administration.

We are ready to be strong, logical, honest, fair, transparent and loyal as we represent you and work to alleviate the burdens that you face as ever-busy college students. We promise to engage you the student body directly as we work together to promote our collective interests and secure our well-being while laying the groundwork that will ensure that future generations of Cougars inherit a healthy institution for higher education.

We do not need our names up in lights; we just ask that you would lend us your voice. This campaign is not about building a title or resume; we are running with a true heart and dedication to make a difference.

Now, there’s one last thing I must ask of you: Please remember our name and cast your vote for us on the Election Day. We are running a Web site,, with more updates and information about what we stand for.

[email protected]


    • What more do you need, false promises to make you choose who you want to be your next leader? Yes a lot of us are doing the cycle that Mr. Reyes and company explained, but a lot of student do not even care to really understand how there university works. This is not the student council this is the Student Government Association and all of us have a voice.

      Also if you take some time and read the platforms of each candidate, you would see there is a lot of difference between the two candidates. Prince and Johnny are the only candidates that have a website and I have visited the website and it is pronominal and simple.

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