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Monday, May 23, 2022


‘Family’ movie makes for good date night

While the film’s plot might be a bit contrived, Rick Famuyiwa’s latest movie, Our Family Wedding, makes for a date-night or date-night movie.

The movie centers on a newly engaged couple — Lucia Ramirez (America Ferrera) and Marcus Boyd (Lance Gross) — returning home from college to announce their wedding plans. But they quickly realize the differences between their families will make the road to holy matrimony long.

A disastrous encounter between the families creates a continually awkward atmosphere. This tension is enhanced as two cultures clash in an attempt to join together for the sake of a rushed wedding ceremony.

The use of stereotypical Latino family traditions juxtaposed with a modern black father-son duo makes for a hysterical central conflict throughout the film. Their intolerance for each other’s cultural and moral upbringings, along with some withheld information on the bride’s part, lead to an unusual situation between the parties.

They discover that their wedding is in the hands of their overly involved parents, and it’s soon expressed by them as “our marriage, their wedding.”

The couple’s fathers, Miguel Ramirez (Carlos Mencia) and Bradford Boyd (Forest Whitaker), allow their overexaggerated egos to wage war while expressing disapproval for their children’s chosen mate.

Whitaker is seen in a new light by playing a self-absorbed middle-aged ladies’ man who works as a radio personality.

He depends on Angela (Regina King) as his voice of reason who also serves as his lawyer and a mother figure to Marcus. King’s role was lacking in comparison to her usual strong on-screen presence in films such as Ray and Enemy of The State.

Comedian Anjela Johnson plays Ferrera’s cynical sibling, Izzy Ramirez, who is less than enthusiastic about being her maid of honor. Johnson proved to be the breakout star of the film.

Charlie Murphy plays Bradford’s friend who offers discomforting advice to Marcus, creating more conflict.

At times, the lead actors and actresses fell short on their marks, but the comedic timing of Johnson and Murphy enhanced the entertainment value of Our Family Wedding.

Meanwhile, the supporting cast brought much of the comic relief from their familiar faces.

The families have a difficult time seeing past their cultural differences, and Lucia’s frustration with her family’s lack of acceptance flourishes throughout the film.

The film but nonetheless had a pleasant message. Our Family Wedding isn’t Oscar worthy, but definitely an excellent family or date night film.

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