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Saturday, December 2, 2023

From the Editor

You’ve got mail

One of the first things I do each day upon waking up each morning is check my Daily Cougar e-mail account.

There are usually about 10-20 new e-emails in my inbox.

Later that afternoon when I arrive at the office, I check my e-mail account again.

Chances are, the number of new e-mails has at least doubled.

Of course, not all of those e-mails are worth reading. A lot of them are press releases, and several more are spam. But mixed in the bunch are important e-mails from fellow editors, reporters, readers, students, UH administrators and other officials. Some of those press releases usually end up being valuable.

These are the e-mails that I’m most concerned with. Each day, I have to make time to consider and respond to the various e-mails that I receive.

Do I really have the time to get around to all of them? Absolutely not. But it’s crucial that I address each of them at some point.

As editor in chief of The Daily Cougar, I’m also the recipient in chief. Complaints that should have probably be sent to one of my section editors end up in my inbox daily. Ad queries that should have been sent to the ad manager are sent to me. Stuff that has no business being sent to any newspaper ends is directed to my e-mail address.

My main job is to make sure that these e-mails either receive a timely response or are directed to the proper parties. It’s a very important part of my overall role as editor in chief, and it’s one that I take seriously.

Frankly, I enjoy receiving the e-mails. They allow me to interact with readers, and I get a sense of what others think about our newspaper. The e-mails also provide tips for great stories.

Plus, they give me something to look forward to each morning.

Well, that and trying to get to class on time.

Take Care and God Bless!!!


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