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Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Accouting professor gains national recognition

The 2010 Ernst & Young Inclusive Excellence Award has been given to accounting professor George Gamble for his work in improving minority diversity around the country at the college level. 

Ernst & Young is one of the top four public accounting firms in the country and has been giving out the Young Inclusive Award for the past two years.

“People have to nominate you and based upon the nomination, you get selected,” Gamble said. “There were 100 nominees, and they selected five winners… The first year I was a finalist and this year I was one of the five winners.”

Gamble’s work in diversity includes mentoring faculty members, current and former students and encouraging them to strive to be their best.

“I tell students don’t use who you are for an excuse that you can’t do it, overcome that,” Gamble said.

He also said it is important for minority students to see minority faculty in front of them to give them an example of what can be achieved.

Ten years ago Gamble was one of the founding members of KMPG’s minority program called the PhD Project, which helps minority graduates attain a doctorate by providing them with scholarships.

Gamble has been teaching at the University since 1978 and holds a doctorate’s degree from Penn State University. Soon after graduating, he was recruited to UH by his Penn State professor Arthur J. Francia.

“From the very beginning he has had an active role in the National Association of Black Accountants,” Professor of Accounting and Taxation Arthur Francia said. 

“He has represented us in case competitions and has a national reputation for his work in diversity within the college of business, and has been doing this since 1978,” Francia said.

Gamble has numerous faculty and teaching awards, but said there is no other award like this one.

“An award dealing with diversity is the most precious award I can receive, because that’s what I’m all about,” Gamble said. 

“You haven’t made it when others have not made it, so when you are lifting and climbing and pulling them up with you, to me that is the most satisfying aspect of my job.”

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