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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Photo editor Berglund takes on a year long assignment

This is one of the photos that Kendra will be taking during her attempt to take a photo every day this year. | Kendra Berglund/The Daily Cougar

Do you go through life with a pessimistic attitude, not taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers or appreciate the little things in life?

Well, you should try Project 365, a photography venture that allows you to track an entire year through one photo each day.

The project gives people an opportunity to keep track of their life throughout a year, because let’s face it; time flies, and we’d all like to remember the little things that made our year amazing.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to take a picture of something everyday for a year?”

I’ll tell you why.

Imagine years from now when you can share an entire year of your life with your grandchildren.

You’ll be able to show them how you grew, pivotal moments in your life, relationships, and things that you found wonder in.

Starting on Project 365 will also make you a better photographer.

Think about it, you’ll constantly be behind the lens. You’ll learn your limits, the composition of a photograph, try out different angles, work with lighting and so much more!

Here are a few simple tips and steps to start your own Project 365.

• Bring your camera EVERYWHERE.

Carry it in your purse or in your car, that way you’ll have it handy when you discover a photo opportunity.

The worst feeling in the world is seeing something photo-worthy and not being able to capture it because you left your camera at your Aunt Pipper’s house.

Don’t be afraid to bring your camera grocery shopping, to the movies, to a restaurant, or to class, because you never know what you might find.

• Know where you’re going to store your photos.

Whether you’re shooting digitally or with film, have a photo album where you can keep track of each day’s photo.

As you see your album expands, it will motivate you to keep shooting!

• Don’t give up.

As you go through each day, you may find that you’re too busy, or maybe you forgot to get a photo yesterday. Whatever your excuse may be, don’t let it discourage you.

You may find that you have run out of ideas, but I assure you, there is always an opportunity to find beauty in the mundane. Isn’t that the purpose of this challenge anyway?

There is always an excuse not to do something; don’t let lethargy be your folly.

• Grab a buddy.

The buddy system will both keep you in check and inspire you. If you find a friend to do the project with you, you’ll find it much easier and more enjoyable.

Give each other ideas and show off what you captured each day.

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