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Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Young rapper makes name for himself on local music scene

Listen to “Lies Make Baby Jesus Cry”


Nosa Edebor is better known as Nosaprise in Houston’s underground music community. The soon-to-be UH student — he’s transferring from Houston Community College in January — is a talented, ambitious young man; he’s quite the lyricist, too.

Having been nominated three years running as Houston Press’ Best Underground Hip Hop artist, winning once in 2008, Edebor knew his recently released album, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, would be held to a high standard. And it surpassed even the heftiest of expectations.

The album is a must-have for everyone who’s grown tired of the bass-heavy, over-produced, club-banging, substance-lacking songs constantly played on popular radio stations. And this isn’t even his first attempt, either.

“(On) my first album, I really aimed to get a message of social responsibility across,” Edebor says. “This album isn’t as heavy on that side; it’s more an EP of progression, moving from one time of my life to the next. I ultimately would like to use my music as a vehicle for change… locally, nationally, globally — wherever my music goes.”

He’s not far off. Anyone who knows Edebor knows that, similar to many of the players in Houston’s underground hip hop scene, he’s not just another rapper trying to get famous, buy a Caddy and rap about his fame and fortune. No, not for Nosaprise; instead, he’ll focus on writing rhymes about life, love, society and whatever else might be on the mind of an educated, young musician.

He’ll even unabashedly call out faux rappers and the industry — “Why is every music station only playing blaxploitation?” — and it helps that he’s good at it. Really good.

“I aim to be a full time artist, playing music, writing music, writing raps — just wrecking 24/7,” he says. “But I still plan on working within my community to help any way I can.”

While he has been (and plans to continue) studying business management, Edebor says he is leaning toward social work. And as if school, a girlfriend and the demands of being a major contender in America’s fourth largest city’s music scene weren’t enough, Edebor happens to be in another band, too — Screwtape. He tries, however, not to get the two endeavors mixed up with one another in fans’ minds.

“I play guitar and keys and do vocals in Screwtape, but it is a completely separate entity from myself,” he says. “I’ve tried to kind of separate them, because I don’t want people to consider it a Nosaprise side project. It’s really eclectic, but I’m not looking to incorporate the two. If you go to a Screwtape show, it’ll be completely different than my Nosaprise shows.”

And while many show disrespect toward Houston’s music scene, Edebor loves his city, its music and the community he has contributed to and become a part of.

“I love the Houston music scene. I grew up in it, and I think, pound-for-pound it trumps any Texas city, and yeah that means you, Austin,” he says. “I think we really need to spread it around though, (because) it tends to be the same 20 bands in the same five venues (playing) over and over. So let’s start mixing it up more.”

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