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Sunday, December 10, 2023


Hugh Hefner loves civil rights, sex

The New York Times recently published an article regarding something old, full of libido and occasionally controversial — Hugh Hefner. In the article “Last Call at the Bunny Roundup,” author Timothy Egan denounces and basically attacks Hefner’s relationships with young women and his “pathetic Playboy brand.” Egan particularly frowns upon Hefner’s latest engagement to 24-year-old playmate Crystal Harris.

The author is quick to judge and spends far too much time criticizing Hefner’s lifestyle without any consideration of what Hefner has accomplished outside of Playboy.

Most people solely connect Hefner with Playboy; the bunnies, calendars and symmetrical breasts — but there’s a lot more to Hefner than sex, something the author widely ignores.

Due to his obvious disdain, Egan is far too blind to recognize the positive contributions Hefner has made to society, including being an advocate for gay rights and a strong anti-censorship supporter.

Instead of being such a harsh judge of how an old man lives his life, Egan should try to see beyond a “repulsive” and “reptilian” Hef and realize how multifaceted a man like Hefner can be.

The author rambles on about Hefner’s lack of morality, need for Viagra and the “plastic-bodied women” he constantly surrounds himself with at 84.

Egan makes strong juxtapositions between Hefner’s habits with those he respects.

He praises Paul Newman for making admirable efforts in keeping his marriage stable and never trying to be a young pimp.

Egan talks about his 80-year-old friend who has “been married for at least 50 years, and seems more full of life now than ever before.”

Egan calls this man his “role model” and it is clear why, but he fails to see that not everyone has the ability to be happily married for 50 plus years, not everyone can or wants to lead that path, and they should never feel forced to.

The author’s views are quite self-righteous as he throws insult after insult at Hefner for not living a correct life — who is Egan to judge, and who really cares about Hefner’s sex life, anyway?

In the fifties, when homosexuality was considered quite the mainstream sin and most magazines would not run the risk of publishing articles about it — but Playboy did.

In 1955, Playboy published a short story titled “The Crooked Man” by Charles Beaumont, where heterosexuals were depicted as the minority.

The story demonstrated how it is not fair for one group to be mistreated when the roles could clearly switch. When readers wrote complaints, Hefner responded with, “If it was wrong to persecute heterosexuals in a homosexual society then the reverse was wrong, too.”

In a documentary about Hefner, “Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel,” that came out last September and was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival, people were able to see a different side of Hefner; one that is just as moral and filled with love as Egan’s role models which he holds on such a lofty pedestal above Hefner.

Hefner is an advocate for gay rights and supports many other noble causes, including autism awareness campaigns, the fight against censorship, environmental causes, many donations to university programs and the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award which honors those whom have made substantial efforts to protect the rights entailed in the First Amendment.

Of course, a lot of people dislike Hugh Hefner, which is not a big deal since that is almost inevitable if you are a celebrity constantly associated with sex, but it is not fair to judge a man because you do not approve of his lifestyle while failing to give him any credit for the deeds he has done — deeds that extend far beyond promiscuity and wearing pajamas all of the time.

Hefner may be the founder of the slutty bunny, but he is filled with productivity and has been part of many decent causes, which should not be overlooked.

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