Aggravated abduction reported by student

The UH Department of Public Safety reported the abduction of a student at gunpoint at approximately 4:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

According to the community alert released Thursday evening, the incident occurred on Cullen Boulevard between Holman Street and UH Entrance 14, near Science and Research Building 1, while the student was walking southbound.

The complainant stated that a vehicle pulled up next to her and the suspect pointed a black, semi-automatic pistol at her and ordered her into the vehicle.

The suspect drove around for about an hour before taking the complainant’s cash and dropping her off near Alabama Street and the Southwest Freeway. The complainant was not injured.

The suspect is described as a black male, between the ages of 25-26, approximately 130 to 140 pounds, wearing a white short sleeve shirt with crosses, black and gray pajama pants, black slippers and black socks and a black ball cap. He stands approximately 6-feet tall and has a slim build.

According to the report, the suspect was driving a light grey four-door sedan, possibly a Cadillac, with paper license plates.

UHDPS is asking members of the UH community with any information about this incident to please call the department at (713) 743-3333.


  • If something like this happens on one of the busiest intersections on campus, I’m afraid to think of what someone else could do.

    I know it’s not the school’s fault, but they UH needs to look into taking student safety more seriously; I don’t know how, but I’m sure they can figure something out.

    They always refer to those big red ‘EMERGENCY’ poles out in the lots, but really UH, how is a computerized pole going to help in a situation like this. There doesn’t have to be a cop every 5ft., but their presence needs to made. Any efforts made thus far have yet to be effective and criminals know there’s no one around.

    I mean we’re trying to get Tier 1 status, can’t we at least be safe?

  • Probably committed with a stolen gun.
    I read that 70% of crimes are committed with stolen guns.

    If CHLs are forced to "store guns n cars" on campus, I wonder why we allow car burglaries on campus …. they should put up a sign "car-burglar free zone" so I'd know where to park.
    Or, they could allow me to carry my $1,000.00 weapon safely secured in my $150.00 holster inside my waistband retained by a special $100.00 reinforced belt, just like I do safely everywhere else.

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