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Meet the presidential candidates

Jared Gogets

Gogets-Vuong party
Jared Gogets

Our platform is one that focuses on continuing the “culture of excellence” that Dr. Khator has established the past few years.

We’ll encourage students to feel good about being a Cougar, take pride in it and empower them to learn to expect excellence from the University in every department/organization, not mediocrity. The days of a mediocre UH are over for good!

A top priority of ours includes elevating the entire Student Affairs division to the same top-tier level that our University just earned in the research area from Carnegie — no area of student affairs is too big or small to look at.

The first and foremost challenge of ours, however, is taking on the budget crisis head on. We believe the most effective way to find solutions for the cuts is to educate as many students as we can about what’s happening and create a student-led solution team to work with the UH administration and Texas government.

We would love to have your support. We realize what a great time it is to be at UH. Our administration has the potential to be a part of something significant and historic. We’re in it for the students. Thanks, GO COOGS!


Michael Harding

Redvolution party
Michael Harding

We are on the brink of change that will impact the university for years to come. It’s important to look at the issues that affect students most.

Parking is one such issue that should be addressed. By working side by side with administrators to increase the amount of parking available and looking towards alternative methods of getting students to campus, we can improve the situation now and in to the future.

We should also look to safety. With the concern of our state legislature changing laws to allow for students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus, our administration must be prepared to implement policies and practices to ensure that safety is maintained.

It is important to ensure students have better options in our dining facilities, education costs from tuition and books are controlled and reduced, and the ideal of providing excellent leadership is moved to the forefront.

We are comprised of some of the best and brightest. We are here to provide the best voice for the students, while building better relationships with administrators to create a Tier One college experience. Please VOTE!


Vote online at Check for election updates.


Michael McHugh

Coogs for Change
Michael McHugh

We are the most diverse ticket in UH history. Our mission is to make sure we preserve our recent Tier One Status and make UH the best University in Texas. We want to be number one in diversity.

Our top priorities are to save our Tier One status and fight budget cuts, to fix parking, and to make sure we have adequate Internet across campus.

We must address the issue of parking right now. There are three passes for every parking space on campus, which means only one third of the students that spend big bucks on a parking pass are even guaranteed a space.

We also focus on tackling crime, as we have seen an explosive increase in the number of robberies and sexual assault cases in the last few weeks.

I am an Eagle Scout and I live by the oath, “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country and to help other people at all times.”

Because of our straining budget cuts, I have pledged to give up my nearly $7,000 salary if elected Student Body President.

I really believe that we can make UH the greatest University in Texas. We just have to believe in ourselves and the promise of the future.


  • From the debate alone, Jared was easily the best candidate. Harding seemed tired when talking, and michael kept yelling the same things over and over for every question.

  • Jared Gogets was alright, but I had a hard time understanding why he was running out of the blue. He had some interesting input, but he still had no experience in SGA whatsoever. He seems like an alright guy, but I don't think he is nearly as qualified for the presidency as he thinks he is. He would be better off trying out for some other position.

    Michael McHugh seemed very passionate during his speech, and he struck me as being the only honest one on stage. He wasn't trying to stand up with his chest out or anything stupid like that, but talking directly to the students. He seemed like he had some great input; I heard that he's the only candidate not accepting a salary if elected so i can respect him more than the other candidates for that. The should not be in this for the money.

    Michael Harding was as fake as a mannequin; he would quote people who were smarter than him in order to look like he knew he was talking about, and had to keep asking the interviewer during the debate to repeat the question. He looked as if he wasn't even paying attention the whole time. He kept stumbling upon his words too. He would be a terrible president. I think he would be better off staying in the senate, and maybe running next year instead.

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