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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Position open for one warlock intern

He may have tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA, but Charlie Sheen needs an intern to make sure his world domination is complete.

That’s where Alex Avila comes in. She’s a graduate student at UH studying communications with a focus in public relations and social media. She’s also managed to beat out nearly 85,000 other applicants in Sheen’s intern search. There’s only 250 candidates left — and Avila has her eyes set on the prize.

Q: What made you decide to interview with Charlie Sheen?

A: “Well, the whole idea of being Charlie Sheen’s intern started kind of as a joke on social media, because that’s what he wants as an intern. I had a couple of friends post on my Facebook and say, ‘Hey, you should go check it out,’ and I just blew it off.

“Then my mom called me. She’s a big fan of TMZ, she watches it religiously, and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re doing an internship with Charlie Sheen, enter.’ I told her she was being silly and I tried to blow her off, but she told me, ‘No, it’s for social media, that’s what you’re going to school for, and it’s with Charlie Sheen, he’s big.’

“So I said fine, OK, I’ll do it, and I did my tweet. My hook was — and I’m trying not to harp on it too much — I do pin-up modeling, vintage modeling with big victory curls and all that on the side, and I talked about how I wanted to do social media and be his pin-up goddess, and it worked.

“Then I went to round 2. Round 2 was more of a resume, you had to talk about your educational background, your work experience and of course all of your social media experience. From there it was round 3, which is where we are now.”

Q: What was it like being interviewed by Channel 13, Fox News, the Chronicle — pretty much everyone who’s important in local media?

A: “Honestly, it’s been crazy. I didn’t think that anything was going to come out of it. As a PR student, I know that you have to reach out to your media and try to get that publicity, but I kind of didn’t think it would matter to anyone else. I sent out a couple emails like hey, I should try, cast my net and all that.

“And it hooked. I’ve done three interviews with Fox 26 News, one with Channel 11, one with the Houston Chronicle and now you. It’s cool, it’s interesting, and it makes me think that, this whole social media thing, I’ll find something to do with it.”

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