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Monday, February 6, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Re: Kiosks make campus parking safer

When I hear Kiosk, I think of the computer at CVS that scans my photos, not the elevated guard shacks found in prisons, most military bases and now University of Houston.

It seemed like just yesterday I was reading a story in the Daily Cougar titled “Solitary Confinement is Unethical” Today, I’m being led to believe by favorable quotes this practice will make our campus safer. Despite the fact that the Chief of Police was quoted “I think it’s a great idea”, it is highly unlikely that either him or SGA Representative, also quoted in the same story, will be posted in a kiosk, so of course they’re in favor. In case you’re wondering what it would be like to work in a kiosk, sit in a restroom stall for 8 hours. This will simulate the space, climate, and the eventual smell. If students really want to feel safe, the last thing UHDPS should do is put a minimum wage employee inside a 4×6 cage and expect him to maintain 360 degree surveillance for an entire shift without falling asleep or becoming engulfed in whatever electronic device they bring along for entertainment. If UH is to take this approach, I think they should just post scarecrows in each lot; they have a better track record and work for much less. Is this really the direction we want to take our security presence on campus — guard shacks? Why not foot patrols? The lack of restraint and walking requires a higher level of alertness than sitting.

Mark Vollert is a UH student.



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