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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Common sense will prevail in fight against science

Historically, it seems that Republican presidential candidates have always been at odds with science. And while the practice hasn’t contributed to their demise or benefit, it has separated them from the thousands of citizens who ask for little more than the consideration of common sense. It’s only natural that doubts have surfaced on issues like the heating of the Earth, proper pregnancy management and the politically correct method of marriage arrangement. But the most puzzling rejection of these candidates is the near-unanimous rejection of the theory of evolution.

In a nation that prides itself on constant advancement, the rejection of science isn’t a healthy practice. And if we are going to make any progress as a unified body, we will need to evaluate issues from all angles. Many of these candidates have made no attempts to temper their views, and some have refused to even look at the issues at all.

Discussion is the birthplace of realization, and the GOP presidential candidates have shown an apprehension for its location. Among the children of today, our society will find its future trendsetters and policymakers. The GOP candidates are setting a bad example for these future leaders.

The lack of an absolute isn’t a pass for ignorance: It’s only through our acknowledgement of uncertain variables that progress can be made. Innovation doesn’t occur without stress from every angle of observation. And with the upheaval of theories and suggestions projected by the professionals of contested fields, society closes the loop on one query after another. Ideally, these endpoints aren’t concrete, with room to negotiate for improvements in some areas and modifications in others.

Regardless of the facts discovered, it seems like there will always be doubt from one side. But before the illumination of any sort of truth, a party’s first obligation is to their constituents. It’s a relationship that exists even in the face of an absolute truth, and in some cases, one that is only solidified because of it. Despite the lack of a concrete doctrine determining the ways of the world, hints have been littered in our landscape, and intensive labor in research has yielded even more. Your opinion is your opinion, but common sense will exist nonetheless.

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