House spooks Coogs

As part of the Octoberfest celebrations at UH, there was a haunted penthouse Wednesday at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. People, such as Tanya Reyes, who braved the scares received a free T-shirt and had the option of donating blood at the end, thanks to the TRUE Blood Drive sponsored by the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Drive. | Emily Chambers/The Daily Cougar


  • I think all who were there can agree that if you missed out on the OctoberFest Haunted Penthouse, you missed out on the Best FREE Haunted House worth any $40 experience in the City of Houston!. We have never had this many horror stricken students depart from our midst as we did this year. (493 to be exact!) See y'all next year

  • It was kinda fun I'll admit. Better than I expected. But there was so much hearing about getting a free shirt or something extra for being in the first 100, but of course we didn't really get anything special outside of being among the first to go in. So that was disappointing there. Liked the free CLIF bars at the end though.

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