Cougar creates his own business

Xavier Price has big plans for his Texas basketball-themed brand of bottled water. | Courtesy of Lisa Marie Hansen

Between balancing aspirations for medical school and an upcoming acting role on the Student Video Network, it’s hard to think that anyone would have the time to study, much less run a business.

But when opportunity knocked, biology sophomore Xavier Price decided to take a chance.

“When the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship last season, a vision came to me,” Price said.

The vision? A logo that combines the names of the cities of all three professional basketball teams in Texas, each of which now has at least one NBA Championship win under its belt, above an image of the state itself, for use as a brand for bottled water.

Price said that he has big plans for the new business.

“(My goal is) for Texas Big 3 State water bottles and other items to be sold across the state and country, especially at Mavericks, Spurs and Rockets games,” Price said.

An active student at UH, Price has some business experience already as an accredited real estate representative with Keller Williams Realty.

He also has leading roles in both the upcoming film “Check, Please!” and a TV sitcom that will begin airing on the Student Video Network in March called “The Show,” which portrays the behind-the-scenes reality of a television talk show.

Even with all of this on his plate, Price still focuses much of his efforts on his business as he explained the significance of the logo. As the only state in the country with three NBA championship winning teams, Price said the brand is meant to symbolize the pride that all of Texas can share for our basketball teams and bridge the gaps that so often occur between intrastate teams, and to serve in part as a reminder that, while we compete with one another, we still have the same star and stripes on our state flag and the same pride within us.

Price also gave credit to his parents for shaping him into the entrepreneur he is today, stating that they were his motivation and are “the best parents in the world.”

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