University police have new chief

UH Chief of Police Ceasar Moore s is excited by the opportunity to serve the University.  |  Courtesy of Ceasar Moore

UH Chief of Police Ceasar Moore s is excited by the opportunity to serve the University. | Courtesy of Ceasar Moore

UH has hired a new chief of police, who started Feb. 20.

“I am looking forward to working for this wonderful University with a very supportive staff,” said Chief Ceaser Moore, a UH-Downtown graduate.

“I hope to make the Cougar community a safer place to work, live, study and visit.”

Moore is a native Houstonian and started as a Houston police officer patrolling the streets surrounding UH in 1984.

He was later married at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church across the street from the University.

“My dad is a UH grad, my oldest daughter is a UH grad and I am a UH-D grad,” Moore said. “As you can see, I am tied to this area.”

The new chief of police brought 27 years of Houston Police Department experience to the University police.

“I have a vast array of police experience — over 27 years,” he said.

“I have several years of security experience as well. I bring passion, caring and respect to the position. I am excited and humbled by the opportunity. I will give the UH community my best.”

Moore said he couldn’t have been happier to start the new position.

“I thought the job at UH was perfect for me, that is why I applied,” he said.

“This is the only policing job that I have ever applied for other than my Houston PD job. I have always had an affinity for academia and policing. As the police chief at UH, I am close to two things that I love.”

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  • U of H Chief??? You've got to be kidding me…U of H did not do their homework, for if they did they would have quickly found out that Moore had no respect amongst his peers or subordinates…Go ask the Houston Police officers that worked at North Division as to what kind of leader Ceaser Moore was..He had a horrible reputation and caused the entire division to almost mutiny against him and because of this he was removed from his command by Chief Hurtt and relegated to the property room because of numerous complaints against him..Then his family, including his mother show up at a HPD citywide crime meeting all wearing shirts that said "Justice for Junior" and attempted to confront Chief Hurtt. Truly unprecedented and outrageous behavior..He was an embarrassment to the department and destroyed morale wherever he went..Batten down the hatches U of H officers….

    • The officers at North Division did want to be told what to do. Ceaser Moore does not have a horrible reputation and you should be ashamed of yourself getting on this website trashing another HPD officers. Whatever happen to Blue pride.

  • U of H trustess….WTF..Moore's resume is stocked with lies and inaccuracies…a 30 yr veteran? A Lie…He says he "earned" his PhD (all but dissertation)"..Really??? Last time I checked your a candidate until you complete all requirements including your dissertation..This is Academic Fraud to the highest level and your allowing this clown to post such falsities????? A visiting instructor at the FBI National Academy..please…someone should have done their homework and I'll bet within 2 years U of H is entangled in a racial discrimination lawsuit..only a matter of time..I'm calling Wayne D on this BS…

    • wow- it's refreshing to see some people on this website who seem to know some important information!
      you should write for the paper!

      • All they would need to do is ask the several hundred officers who have worked for him or watched his career. Like the officer that wrote Moore's mother a traffic ticket, and how Moore had the ticket pulled, then filed an IAD complaint on the officer for being outside his area, which proved to be false. He was an embarrassment to HPD, now he will be an embarrassment to U of H.

  • this guy was one of the worst captains HPD had next to Mark Aguirre and now he's chief of police for U of H???? You've got to be kidding me…Always playing the race card and bullying those that didn't subscribe to his racial stereotyping….Go ask the family of slain Houston Police Officer Tim Abernathy how they felt about Captain Moore and his racial hateful ways…..He was banned from attending Officer Abernathy's funeral by the family, which was truly unprecedented. He was a disgraceful person who used his race to further his own agenda…I feel sorry for the U of H officers…Shame on u U of H trustees or whoever hired him…You'll be sorry down the road when the true Moore starts to show…

  • Wow,,,what truths and facts!!!!! Little Ceasar as everyone knows him by his napolean stature and had his desk sgt bitch retire who followed him from B&T to the great North Station and this is true, the Abernathy family did not want little ceasr to attend as they tried to run tim off from his admin job working for little itty bitty ceasar who wanted that job for his fellow black hating officer,,,so they really put the scews to tim to try and run him off…guess what ceaser, u r cursed from this day forward….u loser….:))) non military person…

  • What is truly incredible is that a University with the size and reputation as U of H would hire his bigot….Did they not do a background check and references on his past employment with HPD??? If so, they would have found out that Moore was despised among his officers as a racial hate monger and everyone within HPD knew of his ways and ALLOWED it to continue, until Chief Hurtt cast him down into the abyss..U of H regents had better check Moore's extra job permits for they may find out that he's moonlighting with the New Black Panther Party…

  • Wow!!!!, Little Ceasar Moore, the Malcom X, the Rodney King, The Jessie Jackson and the Quanell 10 look a likes, well, admissions, get set for a reduction of your white students because this is one white race hater and hispanic hater,,,,u non basketball player,,,,ohhh yes, when your white students and hispanics are harassed over a person of other color, ohhh yes, he has bragged about getting even with the evil hispanic white people..good for you, trustees, u have just delivered your death blow!!!! What were you thinking????? He is a friggin paraiah…a non-deserving officer who only worked in administrative jobs…..never worked the streets and then told the street officers how to do their jobs????? WTF????.

    • Well as a Captain he was suppose to tell you what to do. Just do your job and stop trashing Ceaser Moore. You make officer look like the idiots people think they are.

  • You don't have to be white/hispanic to not like moore..he screwed over many black folks too with his ways. I'm suprised he lasted as long as he did within HPD…

  • Someone really needs to call this punk on the carpet for lying on his bio/resume…Check the facts U of H..He earned a PhD (All but dissertation)????? This is BS and fraud…A 30 yr veteran, now 27 yr veteran???..which is it?….This would get most folks fired for lying on their official resume..What a bad choice for your police department's image and the University…

    • While you are on here talking about his education how much education do you have? GED probably. Shame on you bashing another officer.

  • This midget can't ante up to the lowest hand in texas-hold-um…he is a fraud, never served his country because he is a scared beeotch who has never worked as a real police officer, only hiding behind momma's apron which is history as she did actually have shirts made saying"save junior!!!!! and this is your Chief????? OMG!!!! Well, b careful for what u wish because u b getting a rascist hating angry black man who tries and wants to be like Quanell 10 but lacks the looks and intelligence without Isiah Carey carrying him…what will Isiah report about now???

    • Some people chose to serve their country and some chose to go to college. Why are you haten on the college grads. Go get a degree then when can talk. You all keep calling him a rascist but if you read the blog nobodys talking race but you guys. Shame on you.

  • "Diary of a Short Black Angry Police Chief Hating on Everybody" due to hit theaters soon! But U of H will see the movie first. He is a -$&&)(;42-4 to all races especially to them " Cracker Honkey Snow Bunny Caucasian White Police Officers also know as the PoPo


  • I was at North when Moore did what he did to Tim and it was despicable and unforgiveable..SHame on u U of H for hiring this disgrace…

  • Ceaser Moore left HPD the same way he spent his career there…Caring for no one other than himself and when the time came in the end to help another officer out, he did what he does best. Fuck'em…Shame on U of H for hiring this arrogant race baiter…

  • I'm wondering what the other Professors and PhD's at U of H are thinking about their new Police Chief whose telling everyone and the world that he has 'earned" a PhD, but never finished his other required work… wow!! talk about starting off with a bang..Way to go Chief Moore with setting the example of truthfulness and integrity, but then again, you never had it to begin with….

  • I Know this person an I can't believe that the comments that are being said about this person are true. I believe that all these comments are coming from the same person, This person is a very angry soul with a heavy heart. I don't believe somebody could hate this hard. I will pray for you who ever you are to let go of that kind of hated. An I hope you are not a Houston Police Officer, if you are you need ( HELP ).

    • Obviously Barbara he has snowed you too. You work with this guy and you will see a true idiot who had an extreme distorted view or reality. I really thought the guy needed a mental evaluation. He never had any business being a police officer. He never was and HPD officer, he had a badge and a name tag but he was n e v e r a Houston Police Officer. Not only did he not know the Policy and Procedures of HPD, he didn't even know the Penal Code. Yes , Really, How do you become a captain if this were true, that is a good question. that has always been a big question, no one could ever figure out how he made sergeant, ghat is why there is always a questions of how secure the test questions are before the test. this is a very sad day for the University of Houston.

  • those comments are not posted by one person… I should know… I worked under C. Moore as well and the things they have to say are true… he was booted out of the north station… enjoy UH… hahahahahahaha…

  • @barbara , do the research, demand to know what university he receive his graduate work at, and go from there… Unless you were at HPD working for him, then you don't know his true colors.. It shouldnt take long to see them.. He is a racist…

  • Despite what people have to say whether right or wrong pertaining to Chief Ceasar Moore, …to be called out of your name never solves anything, it just stirs up strife….I will leave with this quote" Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"!!

    • called out of your name?
      seems like these disgruntled cops are better journalists/investigators than our school/student newspaper if it's true that he lied on his resume.
      i'd like to see the minutes from the trustee meetings where they went over hiring him. too bad they don't record the entire meetings and post them on the internet. would take all of 10 seconds, but transparency isn't the UH/Elitist way.

  • Look up the characteristics of a sociopath. That's what those of you at U of H have to look foward to. Little Caesar is a text-book sociopath. He is a hater, a liar, a coward and is despised at HPD by those of ALL races.

  • He is genuinely a poor choice as chief. His bad decision making will manifest very quickly. Current UHPD employees had better hang on as the ride until his departure will be rough. His hiring was a very bad decision.

  • barbara must be Moore's mother and Mary his sister…His only two friends in this world…Like truthmaker said..go do your homework within HPD and you'll find out that Moore was the Captain Bligh of this generation..UHPD will soon find out..Walk the plank beeoatches!

    • Mark my words, Watch the staff in the UH chiefs office, Within six months to a year, every white officer in that office will be gone. I feel so sorry for those officers at UH, what a shame.

  • Wow in about a year whoever did this hire is going to be saying I hope they don't fire me for this hire

  • HIs last act as a HPD Captain was to delay his retirement by 1 week.

    All HPD promotions through the level of Captain are test and assessment center based and then done off a list. Then Captain Moore didn't like the person siting number one on the captains list so he delayed his retirement 1 week. In that week the Captains list expired and he intentionally screwed a person out of a hard worked for promotion because he didn't like them.

    Scary to think about how he will handle promotions at UHPD where there are no civil service tests.

    HPD Retired

    • Why should he do you racist people a favor. Stop being so mean and maybe someone would be nice to you. You cant make someone retire just to help out your buddy. What exactly is delaying your retirement, after you get 20 years you can retire whenever you want. And stop saying he delayed his retirement you have no proof of that.

  • Ceasar Moore was one of the most despised captains in the history of HPD. This is a true statement and can easily be verified by interviewing a random sample of the rank and file in any division he has ever commanded. The main reason for this is because of the despicable way he treats his subordinates. I believe this comes from a combination of paranoia and arrogance. I hope, for the sake of UH officers, that Moore has evolved into a better human being with the capacity for sincere compassion and respect for his new troops. If not, UH and its officers are in for a very rough ride.

    HPD retired/UH alumni

    • Ok Dexter you said you are retired HPD right. Get a life you are retired and should have better things to do then sit around and bash one of your fellow officers in blue. You and I both know that you and the rest of the gang are upset because you just didnt want to do what you were told. Sometime we don't like the person in charge telling us what to do. Get over it! Uof H will be fine. Oh and by the way which UofH did you graduate from Downtown and it probably took you ten years. Have a nice life and stop bashing. You should be ashamed of your self.

      • Mr. Foxx, your meager attempt to denigrate my educational experience is exactly the kind of arrogance of which I speak. You either are Moore or are of the same self-important mindset. Until you and/or Moore have an apperception for the value and qualities of others, you're bound to keep repeating your mistakes of the past because of your inability to appreciate anything outside of yourself. Thank you Mr. Foxx for your response which serves to confirm my comments.

  • I totally agree that these negative comments about Chief Moore are either from the same person or the same clique who were never upwardly mobile in HPD and think they love this country more than others for no apparent reason other than they serve in the military or what not….if you love your country that much, you will make a full career of the military and never settle for HPD. He was HPD officer for 27 years, thereby serving his community. Stop hating and get on with your life.

    • I do not see anyone saying anything about hate, the comments I see are only folks stating facts. If you want to talk about hate, just watch moore, he is a very hateful persons, don't listen to him – watch him. Regarding his upward mobility at HPD, it was not because he was a good police officer, moore was never a police officer, someway -somehow he obtained the the test answers, this man is a very stupid individual. HPD suffered greatly because of him, he was as verg big embarrasment to HPD and the City of Houston and now UH is going to have to put up with his immaturity……………

    • Observer, what you are seeing is the result of years of screwing over people. You may not believe it, and who cares what you believe. He was despised at HPD. When an officer wrote his mother a ticket, he not only violated policy by having the ticket quashed, but retaliated against the officer by filing a formal IAD complaint against him. He got booted out of his patrol assignment and sent to the property room. Believe it or not. It may be hard for you to believe, but there are a great many people that were very glad to see him go, know him to be a raging racist, and feel pity for U of H. There are countless stories of his ineptitude. Time will tell whether U of H made a good choice. But I know that HPD is the better for Moore leaving.

  • I didn't know much about Chief Moore, therefore I'm not qualified to make a comment about him. I am an officer at H.P.D., and I was an officer a U. of H. I'm continually impressed by the young men and women, who work at U.H.P.D. Some of them recently assisted me in getting three burglars in custody, and soon after, I assisted them in getting a suspect in custody. The university community can take pride in these officers, for they truly enhance the quality of the university's public image.
    I wish your department well, in this time of transition. Whenever the university decides to seek out another Chief, let me recommend one of their former officers. She is a police administrator at Katy Police Department. She is one of the finest police officers that I've had the pleasure to work with, and I'll bet this opinion will be echoed, by anyone who has worked with her. Her name is Gay Dickerson. Have not seen her in some time, but I often here her spoken about in very high terms, in the police community. She has extensive investigative, administrative, and patrol experience. She's a born leader, who has always earned the respect of those, who work with her.
    I'll end, by wishing for an outstanding year for the university, faculty, staff, fellow alumni, and police department !!!

    • i'm trying to be mature here, but gay dickerson sounds like one of the fake names i gave when making prank phone calls in my youth.

  • This is so sad. UH is the flagship University of Houston. Just think of the parents sending their kids to UH, thinking they are secure. Every officer at HPD knows the history of this guy. Even the cadets coming out of the academy have heard stories of this guy. This is a guy who almost didn't make it off the training program. When he was a Sgt. at N.East, his squad had the lowest production for the entire division, the academy staff had a party when he left there. Remember when he was in IAD he had an officer arrested for PI while in his own house? When he was In B&T he ran out most of the competent supervisors and investigators.

  • When he was the Captain in B&T he had his warant round up where all his investigators had to show up in uniform an run warrants. This was a staged "TV" media event. The officers sat around 2 hours and when no media showed up they took off with a bunch of old warrants, don't think a single person was found but it wasted an entire day , a thousand man hours wasted just for him to make a media event. FOR WHAT….. Idiot ! Then he had his B&T Lt's work on problem solving, yes he had them stop working on cases to go in the neighborhood , find some "problem" and come up with a solution to make the world a better place, now these were B&T Lt's. What an idiot, I guess he never heard of the Commuinity Sevices Division.

  • Did anyone ever figure out where he got those Texan's tickets from ?? I wonder if there is a story for Wayne D, there ? You know the University depends on donations for growth, wonder what the thought process of some of those donors is going to be the first time they meet moore. Can you just see it…….. They gave money to a bunch of idiots who hired this guy, We are suppose to be a symbol of higher learning and we hired "THIS". I want my money back! "Justice For Junior" did these folks never hear of this before they hired him, I would have loved to have been in the interview room with him. I am sure that before it was over that the reason he was sent to the Property Room was not because he was idiot but to be the leader in the cutting edge of technology is running "The Property Room". They sent him there to keep him away from the public, to keep him away from other officers and now UH has made him the Police Chief, I am feeling sick

  • All comments are very sad, but VERY TRUE. If you think you know him and his potential as a leader, you never worked for or with him. Someone else mentioned he is both paranoid and arrogant – that was an honest assessment obviously based upon personal experience / interaction with Moore. He is one who NEVER earned the respect of his peers or subordinates. He always thought people were out to get him because of the color of his skin. He NEVER saw that he EVER did anything wrong all the while treating his troops with the utmost DISRESPECT. His officers will soon learn that everything they have been doing has been done wrong. The success they have enjoyed was not deserved and that things must change immediately. He NEVER appreciated officers' hard work and dedication, but saw them all as incompetent and inferior.

  • His ways were not just from one assignment from within HPD, but from every assignment he ever had at any rank. A VERY divisive man. He may look like a great catch "on paper", but his attitude toward life and his subordinantes will soon shine forth and then all will realize he was an un-vetted man and a VERY WRONG choice for U of H chief of police. He never learned from any mistake – never even recognized he is capable of erring…. And the part about retiring a week later to prevent a lieutenant from filling his vacancy – TRUE…

  • Wow, a bunch of you need hobbies and therapy. You hated him at HPD and now that he's gone you're still not satisfied. I'll bet most of you negative posters ran from the streets or were the very broke 'you know what's' that only did the bare minimum. And if you've retired and are still spewing hatred you're even more pathetic. I'm just glad he's not as miserable as most of you. He was not the worst seen and I'm sure he's not the worst to be seen. There are plenty that are still active and who are just as worthless and useless as your hate filled posts and comments and as you were in your careers. Congratulations C Moore!

    • " I'll bet most of you negative posters ran from the streets or were the very broke 'you know what's' that only did the bare minimum." Now that sounds like it was written by a very intelligent individual, and yes that person somehow believes moore is a credible individual, but then again I must have been ( the very broke) ???

    • Well Ceasar, I mean Naysayer, if it makes you feel better to think that only a small group disliked you, then believe what you want to believe. I never worked for or with you, but have heard countless stories of your racism, paranoia, and stupidity. I congratulate you for duping U of H into hiring you. Regardless, HPD is better for you having left. Now maybe a deserving and competent person can take your spot.

      • "I never worked for or with you, but have heard countless stories of your racism, paranoia, and stupidity.". And there you have it folks. Like I said, get a life.

  • Wow… lots of folks sharing their opinions! God bless the first amendment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – that includes me. With that said, I have worked for Captain/Chief Moore in two different assignments. I was not harassed, belittled, nor impeded in my job function at any time. I left a position I was very happy with to come work for him – no regrets. I don't know any of my employees who have ever come to me with a complaint about the man or the manager.

    I am saddened that there would be so many negative comments in this profession regarded as a "brotherhood"… I did not post to start a controversy or flame war – just wanted to show that their are two sides to everything – and my experiences have not been the same as most listed here.

    I am posting as myself and of my own volition. If anyone has any truly inflammatory reply for me, please… call or text me… my kids check in on my facebook account.

    Best to all,


    • Jay Chase, Do remember that even Hitler and Mussolin had their supporters and folks that saw no wrong in what they did…It saddens me greatly that your one of them and you even have the nerve to place your name on your support for this tyrant…..Have you forgotten what he did at North Division and to Tim Abernathy and the events that preceeded death and funeral. .He dishonored the memory of this fallen officer and used race as a reason for why the officers family DIDN'T WANT HIM THERE!!!! I strongly suggest JAY CHASE that your go ask around…You obviously were heavily medicated when you worked for Moore…

    • Jay, I admire that you have the courage to put your opinion out there with attribution, I suspect you know that this opinion will be unpopular among your fellow officers. I struggle to understand how you could not see and experience the devastation this man caused to the morale of the dedicated hard-working officers of the North Division during his short tenure as its commander. You were there and had a front row seat as he turned a great working division into a demoralized, dysfunctional patrol division with his caustic and narcissistic leadership style in no time. I can understand that you may not know that this was his track record at the other divisions he commanded, but you were there when it happened at North.

    • How you honestly say that you've never heard or known of any of these complaints against moore??? You must have been completely out of touch with your troops and reality for you to not have heard or witnessed the despicable actions of this racist,..And you were there at North when all of his bullshit occurred..And your a Lt??? God help HPD

    • Jay, Jay, Jay. I’ve known you for about 15 years and your comments just totally boggle my mind! Ceaser’s arrogance was only supposed by his unmitigated gall. It took me all of about 3 minutes of knowing him to realize that he is a racist through and through.

      Just look at the last screwing he handed both the department as a whole and to KG as an individual. Knowing the current captain’s list was fixing to die, he delayed his retirement by a week. He screwed the department by forcing the chief to be without a captain (at Northeast, no less) for at least 9 to 12 months or moving the lieutenant’s test back about 6-8 months leaving many shifts without leadership. He screwed KG by denying him the open captain sport. Truly a d-bag move. But buddy, had KG been a brutha, you know he would have changed his retirement date.

      Jay wrote:
      I am saddened that there would be so many negative comments in this profession regarded as a “brotherhood”…

      Why would you say such a stupid comment, Jay? It’s this “brotherhood” that you refer to that allows officers to run amok by officers NOT speaking up about wrongdoing.

      I have to tell you, Jay. I’ll never look at you the same again.

    • I admire you for speaking your opinion and not being a follower. Its sad that a brotherhood like the blue would do this to another in blue. Shame on you guys.

  • All of you officers on this site making these racist comments should be ashamed of yourself. You think the people at UofH reading these comments are agreeing with you, they are not. What they are saying is police officers are the idots that we thought they were. You all should be ashamed to bash another officer like this when they are moving on with their life. I hope you officers on this blog writing these negitative comments never leave here and go to another job. What goes around comes around. This guy is retired and moving on with his life. Maybe you all should not be so consumed with what Ceaser Moore is doing and go do something positive. You make HPD look bad with all this negativity. We all wear the blue or have worn the blue and if you have a problem with a fellow officers it should never leave this place. Show some repect, if you were taught any.

    • "We all wear the blue or have worn the blue and if you have a problem with a fellow officers it should never leave this place. "

      While you may not have meant it this way, the public reads your comment as "never rat on a fellow boy in blue, no matter what he did."

      This attitude is exactly why many in the public have a negative opinion and strong distrust of the police.

      • No that is not what I meant. If an officer does something against the law he should be punished and I'm not saying that we should stand behind someone that does something illegal. But all of these comments are about personality conflicts and officers should never air their dirty laundry in the public. All of these comments are racist and naming calling and one officer should never do that to another officer.

  • Hey Redd Foxx, You truly need to out of the bed with Moore and realize that folks, especially police officers don't forget how they were treated by others, especially when those others like Moore hurt so many people in his disgraced career and used race as a indicator or performance and assignments. Your feeble attempts of defending him only cast you in the same category with him…And arrogant race baiting narcissus…

    • I think you meant "get out of the bed" but anyways. I'm not in the bed with CHIEF Moore I would make these comments about any fellow officer. I have worked for a bunch of mean idots but I would never go to the website of that persons new job and bash them. I don't know you but if you are an officer and other officer did this to you I would say the same thing for you. You don't go on a public website for a persons new job and bash them. You wouldn't like if officer did that to you. It's just wrong Mr. Sanford.

  • It sounds like Redd Foxx and Ceaser Moore are one of the same breed…Not all police officers are idiots Mr. Foxx, and their memories are very good. What they take to heart is the fact that another agency will have to endure what they went through and thats why they are vocal about it..Seems like when black leaders or racist and/or incompetent, your position is that we should all just give them a free pass and let bygones be bygones…Sorry my doesnt work dat way….So in the mean time what you should do is some fact checking on all these comments..Until then, Peace out!!!!

    • Same breed, brutha! Ok now that sounds racist. I'm not a brutha by the way. But I'm not going to play the race card with you. You are right not all police officers are idiots only the ones that are blogging racist comments about a fellow officer who has retired and moved on. I'm pretty sure University of Houston did their homework during the hiring process. It seems like they picked who they wanted so you all have a nice life and grow up.

  • Mr//Mrs. Foxx, Its very obvious that your the only supporter int this universe of disgraced CEASER MOORE and what I find extremely troubling is that you are completely ignoring the "Facts" about this individual's well knowm horrible reputation and work history along with his false educational resume (PhD???) Does it matter to you that he is lying on his official bio that U of H is putting out on his behalf and that he was one of the most "HATED" Captains in the history of HPD????

    Go ask any HPD officer that worked for him during his tenure.. GO ASK SLAIN HPD OFFICER TIM ABERNATHYS FAMILY OF WHAT THEY THINK OF CEASER MOORE. GO ASK THE NORTH DIVISION OFFICERS WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF CEASER MOORE. GO ASK THE JUSTICE FOR JUNIOR COMMITTEE WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF CEASER MOORE, no dont do that…. I agree with Mr. Sanford that your wanting to give him a free pass …We all know that he shucked and jived, bamboolzed, cajoiled, and hood winked his way into his new gig as Chief of U of H…Very sad situation for those officers, for we all know what is getting ready to occur…

  • I worked 3rd Ward with Ceaser when we were the old 16 District gang at Central Patrol. (Jack, Lisa, DeeDee, Danny, Ski etc)Those were some great times. Later in our careers, we crossed paths in Accident. Ceaser was not the same guy I knew from the streets, but he was always kind to me and we usually cracked jokes. I heard about some of the Ceaser rumors but I did not witness any of the bru-ha-ha. I’m with Jay on this one.
    I worked with the UofH PD way back in the 80’s and I have always had a fondness for those guys. I’m not pro/con on Ceaser but I do wish the best for UofH PD and I hope the new Chief does an outstanding job for Cougar High ! ooga ooga I’m a Cougar 🙂 (I thought he was a Rice Owls fan;)

  • To the Universtiy police, Great job guys. That had to take some clever investigating.You most likely prevented a much more serious crime from occurring. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

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